Atheist being one Sided


I’ve always been called thick-headed and one-sided about things since I’m an atheist, but believing in religion sounds much more like what I am accused of. Believing in false hopes like religion is thick-headed in itself.

Holes in religious theories

I can just poke holes in religious people’s beliefs. I would never start the conversation, I only respond to people starting it. I myself would never disrespect someone by demeaning their beliefs. But if a person is openly spreading their religion, or passing out bibles, etc., I’m going to put your literally, “holy” religion to shame. If someone believes in it dearly, I will not offend you. But if someone were to come to spreading their word, offending me, I will put you in the ground.

Religion is only used for sympathy towards weaker people.

If someone has a tragic moment happen in their life, they will look towards the fairy tale that is religion, to console and soothe that person. It’s a terrible excuse for what they really are, a weak person.

No Religion No Wars

In my opinion, if religion wasn’t around today, I believe that there would be no wars. Since in the middle east, they believe we are the infidels in their eyes. Since we believe in one thing, and we believe in another, we are at war.

If they didn’t believe in what they did, and we didn’t believe in what we do, there would be no war. Since most likely, humans cannot keep the peace, there would be another war over some ridiculous accusation, but, I’m speaking of now. In my theory, if the world was ratified, excluding the most likely future wars, the world would have no wars without religion.

Being only 15, I’m often criticized as, “Not knowing enough to make the choice.” But I know when I see false logic. I haven’t spoon-fed the ideals of religion. I was never forced to attend church. So, my affiliation with religion is minimal. So some say that you can’t be something if you haven’t experienced it. Just because I haven’t experienced death, tragedy, or love lost, that doesn’t mean I know more or less than the average person about my religious affiliation.

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