Pondering Israels Law of Return


Not that long ago, Rabbi Shlomo Amar tried to force a change in Israel’s Law of Return which would have made it much more difficult for many people wishing to “Make Aliyah”, or in other words, move to Israel.

From my point of view, I think we should all thank G-d and pass around a glass of Kosher Wine together! Maybe a beer or two as well. Prime Minister Olmert has done something worthwhile for the Jewish community of Israel and the Diaspora at long last.

While completely inept when it comes to fighting terror, a man with the spine the consistency of Jell-O, at LEAST Olmert has had the courage to stand up to Israeli Chief Rabbi, Shlomo Amar.

Rejecting Amar’s proposal to change the Law of Return was the best thing Olmert has ever done

Instead of narrowing down who can and can’t be a Jew according to one (ONE!) idiotic man’s opinion, (And oy! I just spoke badly of a Torah scholar! Why is it that I’m not ashamed?) Olmert has chosen to side with reason. Again, at long last. Too bad it’s not on many other subjects that would do Israel good.

If you are a convert, let me tell you something a vast majority of regular Jews everywhere love you. You ARE a Jew, according to G-d, the Torah and your very desire to join yourselves to Israel. For those who don’t know…Amar wanted even converts removed from the list of who could claim the right of return.

I wonder if Amar remembers Ruth?

She was the ancestor of King David, (Who is an ancestor of the coming Moshiach no?); Ruth was a Moabite, a descendant of Abraham’s nephew Lot. A Gentile. She married Boaz, a Hebrew and joined herself to G-d’s people.

If she could do it and be looked upon favorably by G-d, enough to allow her to be an ancestor of the Moshiach, who is Amar, or any other Rabbi to try and stop something that G-d himself allows?

Perhaps Shlomo Amar and his ilk (Ala Rav Ovadiah Yosef) should dedicate themselves further to a bit more Torah study before they make wild proclamations and actively support things which are not so in keeping with the Spirit of Torah.

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