Basing Disbelief on new Evidence


One wonders what “new evidence” there could be regarding atheism unless this refers to the new and silly “Da Vinci Code” or the discovery of new black holes in space which are described by scientists as “sucking up and swallowing” everything, eventually. Sucking up and swallowing everything that is material, that is. Anything of a spiritual nature transcends this process and, as a matter of fact, is superior to it.

Yet Christian believers are told in the Bible that the body will be reunited with the soul at the Last Judgment. Then, they will be Glorified Bodies possessing the gifts of Impassibility and Subtlety, meaning that they may pass through any objects at will. This is absolutely fascinating to me because the heavens and even God will forever change but will remain, in His essence, forever changeless.

I don’t know why anyone would want to be an atheist, thinking in his poor mind that life ends with his last breath and then, just darkness, just the grave forever. He has absolutely nothing to look forward to. And since he doesn’t, why should he be moral in any way? That would be ludicrous. For, to be moral would be God-like and he certainly wouldn’t want that.

If UFOs are counted in as “new evidence,” it still doesn’t change anything.

So there is life on other planets. So what! The same theological thing has happened to them that has happened to us. To them, also, a savior was born and died for their sins. This is the very same savior as ours. There cannot be multiple Saviors just as there cannot be multiple creators of the universe. And one planet does not “get out of” obeying God while another does.

The Shroud of Turin has been dragged up again and again as a “proof” that Jesus was a mere man or a fake. It has been hot and cold running water in Turin, Italy, where it was emphatically stated that the flowers found on the shroud were carbon-dated to the 1600s when the Duke of Savoy, out of deep respect, had the shroud carried in procession each year by men in whose hands the flower bits were embedded. Ah! There’s the rub! It was further discovered that underneath the 15th-century flowers were weeds and straw that carbon-dated back to the time of Jesus and were indigenous only to the Holy Land. Case closed. Right now, the Shroud is considered authentic and there is no further testing planned, or even necessary, in my opinion. And if the Shroud were declared a fake, it still would not change a thing because we, as Christians, have what is known as supernatural faith.

This faith might be explained this way: A man watches the TV news every night, and the announcer says: “Today, in Afghanistan, a new nest of Taliban was discovered. The man watching believes the announcer that there is such a place as Afghanistan and such people as the Taliban, even though he has never been there or seen them. He believes this news as firmly as he believes that the Yankees lost to Boston 7-4, at Yankee Stadium, where he has been many times. He believes the unseen as well as the seen.

Atheism has almost become a way of life for too many people.

Time was when an atheist was ashamed to admit he was an atheist, just as an agnostic was ashamed to admit that he wasn’t sure that God exists. I really like the “Agnostic’s Prayer,” which tells me that there is a belief, even in Agnosticism:

“O God, if there is a God, save my soul, if I have a soul.” And there’s always the very end of life when the person dying must make his faith or disbelief known. Remember, someone once said, “There are no atheists in foxholes.” The dying person usually reaches out, almost instinctively, for God. The philosophers say that man is theocentric by nature, and this I believe. There were thousands of totem poles found in deepest, darkest Africa, in New Zealand, on the islands, in Thailand, and so on, long before missionaries got to them because man is really God-centered. I can’t see where any evidence, of any kind, can reinforce the atheism we already know.

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