Being in the Now Moment


God is the space between the words. It’s the space between the bars that holds the tiger. It’s the space between the notes that makes the music.

This says so many things. We were born, free without any pre-conceived ideas about life, without ego. We were so much God that we did not know it. We still are. Then we learn things. We learn “right and wrong” we eat the proverbial apple and fall from the graceful God-like state of being into ego-separation, into illusion.

The knowledge of good and evil is exactly what removes us from experiencing our Peaceful Godliness.

What else can it be but judgment? Before judgment you experience everything. You want to touch, feel and taste it. Then one day you decide you know what it is and from that moment the experiencing stops.

What is a tree today for you?

Seen them one you’ve seen them all right? But when you look without knowledge through the eyes of a child you will once again notice its essence and the birds and squirrels living in it and its majestic presence.

Mind, identity, ego, thoughts, I, attachment. This is all ego stuff. Every time I use the word “I” I am actually defining my ego-self. MY ego identity became so important that I have lost my God-self in all this thinking. To be Godlike is to be a child in paradise. That is a state of being here present in the now. It is not a point to be achieved one day someplace. No, it is here and it is now.

We cannot see it because we think too much.

Thoughts are our experiences of yesterday’s projected onto our concerns of tomorrow’s. Thoughts are never really responsible or able to respond in this moment of now with no past.

We find God in the spaces.

Between words there is no thought, there is only being. The moment you hit bliss you don’t want to talk about it. Why? Because Love, Joy, Creativity is God’s stuff. It happens for no reason at all. It is totally unconditional.

God happens to you for no reason at all because God is unconditional.

So the space of nothing or everything happens to you and you are in bliss. On some instinctive level, you know that this does not mind and that mind can destroy this feeling. You don’t go around saying “I think I am enlightened” Have you noticed that no one enlightened actually ever declared themselves enlightened? If they do then they are declaring their identity self or ego self, then they really are not enlightened.

So when you feel enlightened and you are full of love and joy and your smile peacefully. A friend sees this and asks “Why are you blissful?” Have you noticed that the more you try to explain it the less enlightened you feel? If you are in the space between the words you don’t want to revert to words to define where you are. The more you employ mind to explain where you are the more you employ ego as well, and slowly you shift back into ego.

A mind is a wonderful tool that serves us greatly. But it is not what we are.

The mind serves us, we don’t serve it.

Now it’s time to rest my mind.

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