Believing in God is Foolish


It’s foolish for anyone to believe in a God that cares about them.

But what’s a fool? People become foolish when they refuse to bend to change and refuse to do what they know is right. People hate change. It’s too complicated. It gives them headaches. They would prefer to be abused rather than leave their abuser because all they are familiar with is the abuse and can’t think that there could possibly exist any other way of life, even when shown that there is.

From Victim to Wisdom

This writer happens to be a survivor of domestic abuse, so I find that the metaphor is apt. I spent years with a person who did not love me and, if I was lucky, not try to beat me up and leave me for dead. He constantly told me that he loved me, though. He told other people, too – when he was explaining that I couldn’t be a certain function because I had to stay home with a “headache”.

I eventually wised up and kicked him out. Now, not everyone gets physically abused. Some get financially abused, such as Americans under the plans of their health insurance companies. Some people get legally abused, bullied or seduced to buy products, vote for politicians or accept fiction as fact. Although the abusers, bullies, and deceivers are certainly at fault, each victim is responsible for getting out of the bad situations if the opportunity clearly and logically presents itself.

The Only Constant is Change

Make your decisions because of evidence, because of what you see and touch and know from bitter experience – don’t be an idiot and think that things will somehow become better because God, the angels or your fairy godmother is going to stick up for you. No one is going to stick up for you except yourself.

Look at nature. Everything changes in nature. Stars are born, they burn very hot for a while, become dense and then die. Winter changes to spring and back into winter (depending on where you live). What may be a truth for you one day may turn out to be a load of old baloney another day when you look at it again.

The fool would then keep on going as if nothing was wrong, even though the evidence is all about him. But the wise person realizes what is going on and adapts to this change, no matter how painful it may be. For example, perhaps your faith in God is shaky because your life stinks. Perhaps then you need to realize that God isn’t going to do anything for you. You have to do it yourself.

Of course, it hurts to think that you’ve wasted your time all of these years praying to God for help and doing prescribed rituals. But if Heaven isn’t helping you, you need to try and find help down on Earth, because you have to live on Earth and not wish that you could live in Heaven.

Otherwise, you are just a deluded fool.

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