Best Quotations on Buddhism


Buddhism isn’t only a religion but it is also a philosophy of life. It is full of quotes of life, facts, and reality of what life actually is.

What are the best quotations in Buddhist? A lot! But, I will list down some of my favorites for you.


This is actually a word in Pali. If we translate it into English. Ehipassiko means “come, see and prove”

Why I put this one at the top?

Because it is simple but contains a deep meaning, not only for Buddhists but for all beings that exist in this world.

“Come, look and prove” teach us not to blindly believe on something. We may believe but don’t believe blindly. Believe blindly means believe stupidly.

So, Buddha told us to ehipassiko. To come and see what His teachings are about after we come and see, then it is time to prove the teachings, after proving the time, it is totally up to you to continue or leave.

You are given total freedom to choose what you want to believe. But Buddhism teaches us to Ehipassiko. Believe in a smart way.

Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitata
which means “May all beings be happy”. This quote proves that Buddhism practices universal love. In that quote, it doesn’t only a prayer for fellow human beings, but also for animals, and other beings which we cannot see with our bare eyes.

You may say that those beings are nonsense. However, we never know whether those beings truly exist or not, just because we cannot see it with our bare eyes. We cannot say something is not there just because we don’t see it. It also happens with those beings who live in different dimensions in this world.

Don’t do evil things. Do more good things. Purify your heart and mind.

This may be so cliché. All religions, not only Buddhist, tell us not to do evil things and do good things, indeed. Buddhists adds one more sentence in the quote “purify your heart and mind”.

Purifying heart and mind is not simply by doing good things. We should be able to control the wildness of our mind, the passion of our hearts, and keep realizing the movement of our body and our mind. It is not easy. It needs our will to do that and our time to practice.

Those are the quotes, I think best in Buddhism. There is a lot to say in Buddhism. There are a lot of life aspects that can’t just list down in an article. It needs a lifetime to learn all those. It needs a strong will to start. Sometimes, I and other fellow humans just get too spoiled by this life. We forget who we really are. We do all the things we like; we accomplished all our egos and all our passions. Then, tell me, what do we get? Just look deep down your heart and listen to what it really needs. I didn’t try to tell you to follow those quotes above. I just simply tell you to hold your ground and your foundation of life and be happy.


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