Buddhas Teaching Gods Creation


What was Buddha’s teaching about God’s creation? Most of us are of the opinion that Buddha never spoke much about God at all.

Here is Buddha’s teaching about God, and his creation, as far as I know, it to be.

Buddha largely left it up to each of his followers to define God in their own way, but he pointed out to them that awareness came from the radiance of God’s love living within them supporting them, and guiding them at all times. Each soul contains God within them, and each soul is contained within God.

Buddha simply never mentioned too much about God, because God can become a problem for man. He, Buddha wanted to make life easier for man, and not just for God.

Buddha knew that if a man worked on his outer form first, the inner would surely follow. This is true of course, and it also, of course, works the other way around too. If we work on the inner first, the outer will improve itself naturally to match our inner development over time.

Buddha thought that to explain God to someone who was suffering was only delaying their healing. First, heal their own suffering, and then come to God. This was a time when the masses feared God’s fury and tried to win his love. Everything they did was either to avoid God’s anger or to try to win his love.

Buddha saw that this approach never seemed to be working. He left God aside then and got his followers to work first on themselves. Know thyself first, know the one person who you can know, and you will with time come also to know God.

Buddha put this very nicely by saying that, the many in the one was the same as the one in the many. God and man were essentially the same substance.

Nevertheless, he taught that God existed as a oneness of his own mastership and that all other souls existed within God.

Mastership is establishing a link with this creative oneness and then allowing creation to precede through themselves in such a way that no other soul is ever hurt, and that all remain totally loved in the process.

This essentially is how God created too.

God allowed his love to build elemental footholds of itself that then became steps of knowledge accumulating in these charges that would add together in a way to show God himself from his parts living within him. These parts were unaware of this, and they do not really ever know it, until they pass their own created knowledge back to God.

The creator is known only by the creator. This is why when a man becomes also his own creator living from the energy of love, he connects to God, and at the same time, the ultimate creator creates through him then. There is only one creator, and that is God.

Who was God to Buddha, and how and why did God create souls?

God is a mystery to all souls until they solve the mystery of themselves.

” I am who I am, ” said God to Moses, and so must you also say this to yourself.

God created each soul from the ability of love to live at different levels of awareness. Consciousness arises from each level in ever new ways. and this consciousness expands the understanding of love about love for that soulfully loving on the level of consciousness where he finds himself to be.

Buddha knew all of this but usually maintained his silence when asked about it all. He knew that for him to define God for someone else was just not ever possible. We are all our own part of God, and being empowered by God’s love. We are uniquely individualized and not just puppets for God.

Buddha’s whole teaching revolved around increasing our own awareness first. To Buddha, all our questions would then be answered for us, instead of us asking them too early, and then they only ever act to block us from pursuing doggedly our own path of awareness. We must answer and find our own answers within, and never be given them by anyone else.

The only God that existed to Buddha then was the God within. Everybody else must find their own piece of God and make peace with it to live a good, virtuous and loving life.

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