Buddhism Introduction to the Birth of the Buddha


Buddhism was exactly started by the birth of the Buddha in India, but current Japanese Buddhism is a little bit different from one in India. Japanese Buddhists say that there are 2 categories of Buddhism in the world.

Japanese calls them “Shou-Jou Buddhism” and “Dai-Jou Buddhism”. “Shou-Jou” Buddhists spiritually achieve to open eyes (getting Satori) personally through the hard physical and spiritual training for many years. This type of Buddhism is inherited in Thailand, and in China. In the contrary, “Dai-Jou Buddhism” is trusted in Japan, this type of Buddhists say “Nam-myou-hourenge-kyo”(words are different depending on the groups) with a loud voice in every morning and every night. If so, anyone will be saved. In other words, such persons will be able to achieve to open eyes (Satori)without any hard physical & spiritual pieces of training.

“Okyo”s are some kinds of a bible that was written by Buddha in the “Sanscrit” language. It was needed that Chinese translated it into Chinese, Sand Japanese was translated into Japanese. Therefore it was inevitable that the words or expressions were modified.

There are approximately 4000 books of “Okyo”. the shortest and famous “OKyo” is “Hannya Shin-gyo” that are written by only 230 letters. The point of this Okyo is the following passages.

“form is none other than emptiness” /shiki fu i-ku
“emptiness is none other than form” /ku fu i-shiki
“Form – it is,in fact,emptiness.” /shiki soku ze ku
“Emptiness – it is,in fact, form.” /ku soku ze shiki

Could you understand? It took a long time that I understand the meanings of this passage.

Space was a good example of emptiness, and according to physicians, they said that all materials in the entire world were made by atoms. Not only the human body but also all rivers and all mountains, everything was made by atoms. Everything in the world is changing. there is nothing that fixed. My body was made by 100,000,000,000,000 atoms.

All atoms are formed, but it’s always changing, we encounter the person, this takes extremely low probability.

The Buddha foresighted about “Emptiness & Form”, and his idea was found by Mr. Albert Einstein’s “quantum mechanics theory”.

I will continue to introduce my understanding of Buddhism. Please forgive me if it includes my misunderstanding, because I am not a specialist, nor a priest, nor a professor of religion.

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