Creating heavenly wealth


What is unseen is of greater substance than what is seen. What is easy to see, touch, taste, and smell, is inferior to what is spiritually discerned. In the same way, wealth that is stored in heaven is of greater substance than wealth that pads one’s bank account. Still, the wealth of heaven is such that it often provides in the natural by first sustaining in the spiritual.

We often think of spiritual wealth as being spiritual things like the fruit or gifts of the spirit. Or we think of it as being treasures in heaven only received in the afterlife. While both of these are true aspects of spiritual wealth, there is also a storing up in heaven of treasures that God tips our way in the natural physical world.

What are the Rewards of the faithful, righteous, obedient People?

These treasures are not stored up by an earning system based on works but are rewarded for faithful righteous obedience to Him. They come once God has built us to a place of receiving them for they would hinder rather than help our walk with Him if they came any other way.

Heaven on Earth

The mission the Lord gave us upon this earth is to manifest the reality of heaven upon the earth. Each of us has apportioned to us access to heaven, now in this life. We are seated with Christ in heavenly places. It is from that seated place of resting in Him doing only what He is doing and saying only what He is saying that we stay in the Holy of Holies. We don’t have to leave and get there again. We can remain.

Kingdom of God

The reality of the Kingdom is simple, yet substantially deep. We remain resting in Him, and we become the most productive. It is by giving that we receive. It is by denying self that we gain our self. It is by going after heaven that we are given earth. It is the last that shall be first and the greatest servant that will be the greatest leader. All of these store up heavenly wealth.

Jesus said what you do before men to get the accolades of men does not also reap a greater reward. Instead, it is to be such that our right-hand does not know what our left hand is doing. Our reward is greater when it comes from Him, and not because of you pleased man. Many times the right thing will not please man, and man will not understand the strange ways in which you live and the choices you make.

Jesus placed his spit and mud from the ground upon a man’s eyes to heal Him. He also stooped and wrote on the ground confusing the leaders around Him. He healed a man on the Sabbath disturbing the religious leaders. Living the reality of the Kingdom of God by following the King will confuse many, but this is the path of the righteous who are often forsaken by the world for His name’s sake.

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