You might be Egotistical if You Lack Empathy


Human ego, and the importance it plays in your life, have been a constant debate since Freud introduced the world to his psychoanalytic theories in the early 20th century. Freud theorizes the Ego works independently to control the pleasure impulses of the Id, a part of the brain driven purely by instinctual need and want. The Id dominates in infancy and is responsible for communicating survival needs like hunger. The ego takes into consideration the feelings of other people and knows the outcome is not always as expected. The ego also takes care of the superego once moral and ethical principles are established. Moral and ethical behaviors form in early childhood through caregivers and others in the community. The human Ego makes up a large portion of your personality. When in balance, you are a normal, productive adult, but the alternative puts the Id and Ego at war.

Normal Ego

Normal Ego exhibits as the competitive drive to be the best at your job while not hurting anyone on your way to promotions. You care about the people around you and work to keep relationships happy.

Money is important to you, but if you are short a few dollars you do not buy the suit in the window. You conduct your business ethically and your marriage morally. You smoke a cigarette every now and then but never drink to the point of drunkenness. A bank keeps your savings safe for your future retirement and your checking account balances to the penny. You and your Ego are at peace with your Id.

Egotistical Ego

The egotistical Ego thrives on chaos and getting to the prize as quickly as possible You can never promote yourself enough, even when the story is not quite true. Egotistical personalities are the center of attention because no one else can be more important. While driven to gain the prize, you are not motivated to work for it. To be exact, you believe you are entitled to it and, if no one gives it to you, you just might take it. Otherwise, the prize was not good enough for you, or the competition was rigged. The Id has a good time in the egotistical you. The egotistical you has few friends but claims many and lost friends are to blame, not you. The egotistical brain does not look to the future nor does it exist in reality. You live only in the present, with no ideology, morals or ethics. You are a narcissist by definition.

The Differences Between These Personality Types

The differences between these two personality types are astounding. The brain works completely differently when the Id is in charge. The Ego keeps you normal and sane in your life. Without the balance of Ego and Id, you would not be able to function. Id does not understand reality and Ego does not understand dreaming. You have to have both.

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