Do Prayers Work


I truly believe in prayer. I have experienced it working in my life.
I don’t think the power to answer prayer lies in God.
I believe it is people using their energy focused on a target, with intent.
At least, that’s how I perceive it. I believe the intent is everything.

The more people who focus their energies on one thing, one goal,
the greater the results. This explains why in some religious settings, such as
“laying on of hands” people are “miraculously” healed. I don’t think people’s
prayers are answered, I think they are fulfilled.

Recently the interest in mass consciousness experiments has increased.
Quantum Physics, string theory, the law of attraction, are all becoming more

In case you think I do not believe in God, that is not the case.
I just perceive “God” in a different way than most people do. But I don’t
really think there are any two people on the planet that perceive “God” in the
exact same way. It’s a very personal relationship.

I have recently written a poem called “Universal Prayer” I would like the whole
world to pray for peace and love. Please read my poem. Think about it.
I truly believe through the power of mass prayer (intent),
we can change the way our world is unfolding.

Universal Prayer

Stop at least three times a day..
Clear your mind…think “connect”
And Say:

Dear Universe and all within;

Plants, Animals, Whirling Winds,
Rocks, Rivers, Oceans, Streams,
Every Soul, Every Being:
Love is what we seek.

Connect as one, feel the power.
Spread healing light to every

Think beyond our Universe,
Harness the power to save
Mother Earth.

Stop at least three times a day…
And think PEACE and LOVE…okay?

I think if enough people actually take the time to stop and focus
on peace and love, actually pray for the healing of ourselves, and our
planet, it may just work! Then again, maybe it’s not necessary.
But in the end.what could it hurt?

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