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I had always been highly impressed by Gautama Buddha ever since my childhood when I first read about him in our history class in school. There was something very fairytale-like, very magical about this handsome prince, the heir to a large kingdom who could detach himself from all worldly desires and retire to a life in the forest in search of the truth. I found his characteristics very hero-like, I mean, a brave prince with a heart of gold who was against war and killing of innocent humans and animals. Somehow he had left a very strong impression on my mind. I even love the name Siddharth up to this present day. To me, he represented an epitome of simplicity, gentleness, goodness, and truthfulness. I was drawn towards his philosophy of life, his simple teachings and his whole attitude towards living. The stories about his compassion, kindness and calm demeanor never failed to stir something in my soul.

Then I grew up and his memories faded somewhat as I plunged headlong into a materialistic world and lived life in a frenzy of desires, cravings, and expectations. Buddha’s ideals no longer played any song in my head. That part had become totally silent.

Then when I reached my thirties I was swept up in a whirl of responsibilities, fear about the future, boredom, anxiety and developed extremely low self-esteem. The person I was previously had somehow died. Of course, certain unhappy instances, tragic incidents, and unfulfilled aspirations led to a life of low spirits, depression and acute anxiety. I did not know what was happening and was at my wit’s end. Nothing and no one could answer the questions troubling my restless mind.

Then out of the blue, suddenly I ordered a book on Buddha from the library and life has since not been the same. I went back to my childhood hero for solace and ended up with more than a brief understanding of what life is all about. Of course, questions about life do still plague my mind but my quality of life has improved and if I may say so myself, I am a better human now, more at peace with myself. Though I still get rankled and obsess over certain things, I am no longer perturbed by trivial issues. Little things that are of no importance do not trigger an alarm in me anymore. At least I have got my priorities right now.

Reading Contents About Buddha

I started reading books on Buddha and this time I truly understood his teachings and his state of mind. I can now empathize with his confusion, his disturbed state and his seeking of the truth. His ideology has helped me soothe my nerves, it has calmed me down as a person. Buddha and his teachings have surely brought about a fresh perspective on life, people and the consciousness of mind and self.

Buddha’s theory of karma nudges your conscience to do the right thing and his views on reincarnation and the cycle of birth, life, and death bring about a very clear insight into this whole mystery of life and it’s ways. His Nirvana theory on how to free oneself from this rigmarole of birth and death is very inspiring. Buddha’s teachings include the 4 noble truths and the 8 fold path. The Four Noble Truths teach that 1. There is suffering 2. There is a cause of suffering 3.There is an end to suffering 4. The path to freedom or Nirvana from all this suffering is (the Noble 8-fold path). The Eightfold Path includes Right Understanding, Right Aspiration, Right Effort, Right Speech, Right Conduct, Right Livelihood, Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration. In addition to the above teachings, he also taught about mind awareness, consciousness and the meditation approach towards everyday living.

Buddha’s teachings

Buddha’s teachings are very logical, easy to understand, simple to follow and ensure a very peaceful existence. His four noble truths explain the whole universal truth of life and living. His eighth fold path makes sense in this otherwise chaotic world. His concept of karma and nirvana shows and paves the way to attaining peace and freedom from the cycle of life and death. His approach towards mind awareness, consciousness, and meditation help to achieve a very quality life, a meaningful life, a better life filled with peace and humanity. The whole concept makes sense and appeals to the intelligent, broadminded, modern man of today.

I adhere to the original teachings of Buddha and his simple, common-sense principles. I believe in his theory of karma that good karma(deeds and actions) begets good results and vice versa. That is the whole simple truth to live’s ever-unfolding mystery.

“Buddham sharanam gacchami”

“Sangham sharanam gacchami”

“Dharmam sharanam gacchami”.

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