God did not create Satan


God did not create Satan, He created Lucifer. Lucifer was a mighty archangel who had charge over many other angels. The angel, Lucifer, dwelt in the glory of God in the realm of the heavenly.

The Rebellion

Lucifer began to get proud and think He could be better than God. He rebelled against God and caused an uprising of angels to join forces with Him in efforts to go against God. Due to this, Lucifer and one-third of the heavenly hosts were cast out of heaven.

When Adam and Eve also chose to go their own way and take on the knowledge of good and evil, they too found themselves downgraded in nature. Satan now had access to their lives for they had joined his way of life instead of remaining with the Father.

Evil was Not Created y God

People often ask why God created evil, but God never created evil for evil is not a thing that exists, but an absence of what God is and of what God designed.

Evil is like darkness. Darkness is the absence of light in the same way evil is the absence of good. It is the thing that is not, rather than the thing that is. God did not create what is not, but only what is. He cannot give birth to something that is not in Him and evil is not in Him.

Lucifer turned Satan

Lucifer turned Satan actualized evil in the spiritual realm and then influenced man into bringing about an actualization in the natural realm. Evil has not been created, but what was made for good was twisted and deceptively reorganized to be used for ill purposes.

The question then is either why did God give angels and humans the freedom to choose or why did God allow those who chose poorly to still exist and have effects upon others? The former, we can philosophize, was to give us the ability to experience something that would otherwise be inaccessible to us if we did not also have the ability to choose our own way. But as to the latter, we can know that God works all things out for the good of those who love Him.

Satan is but a pawn in the big picture and God defeated His access to us who have entered into Him through Christ by the work of Christ on the cross. He raised us victoriously through the Resurrection of Christ. Satan’s power is null and void and one day He will be locked up for eternity. We must remember that God did not create Satan, for all that He creates, is good. It was Lucifer that gave rise to Satan, making Satan, not the opposite of God, but the opposite of a good angel and now a defeated entity.

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