God the Mind Reader


God the all-knowing, all-seeing, be-all and end-all. What’s so dangerous about that? It’s quite simple and Adam and Eve learned that all too well. It’s always dangerous for anyone, god or human, to know everything or to think they know everything. How can anyone decide for themselves what they are going to do if someone knows everything?

It’s always funny to hear religious types talk of this thing they refer to as free will.

There can be no free will if an all-knowing god knows in advance what you are going to do. If god knows then that removes the idea of free will. In order to truly have free will, everyone and everything must be blind to everything. Just like Tommy: That deaf, dumb and blind kid sure has some mean free will, sorry Pete Townshend I know I just created heresy forgive me.

Let us go back to Adam and Eve, shall we? Adam and Eve were told by the big guy to enjoy the garden in which they had been placed but to not eat of the tree of knowledge or they would get the boot and be sent out into the world proper. God, of course, knew that they would eat of the tree of knowledge and that the serpent would coerce them into it. Darn those silly serpents anyway. I have learned my lesson and will never listen to a serpent if one should speak to me. I’ll see a shrink but I won’t listen to him.

Why is this important?

Well, it shows just what kind of god Adam and Eve had been assigned. This god was one who knew they would eat that which they were instructed not to and that they would be kicked out of the garden. So what was the point? What was the point of god doing this?

It was not to show the error of free will but it was to show just what happens when someone knows everything. They get bored and look for some excitement. So this is exactly what god had done. He was having a good laugh at the expense of Adam and his newly acquired mate. What’s that they say about power corrupting?

God has become a dangerous idea

If someone knows all then they will become bored and boredom leads to, in this case, god, doing nasty things like kicking Adam and the only woman he ever knew out of the Garden of Eden.

This is yet another thing that confuses me about religious types. How can they countenance a god that when bored resorts to this kind of thing? Now if god is that bored then why wouldn’t he just go off and create another universe. Sure it would only keep him busy for about 6 days, well a total of 7 after he rested, but it would be something.

But no, god still knows all and sees all and the danger is that it removes any hope of free will. That is what life is supposed to be about, free will.

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