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Amongst hundreds, if not thousands of communities on youtube ranging from Christian communities, Islam communities, to Atheist and similar communities, there are videos. Youtube has specific terms that disallow certain words to be used in videos such as hate words that discriminate against people and cultures, and other cursive words because youtube is becoming a “Family” network.

The Atheist Community

Even so, the Atheist community is just like any religious community. How? The Atheist community simply points out the certain aspects of religion that people tend to disagree with, and often conduct friendly debates with religious folk. Among these people, there are very few in the Atheist community who literally discriminate against religion. Yes, this is wrong, but keep in mind, there are also some religious people who discriminate against atheists and non-believers. Is it a crime to hate a religious person or an atheist? No.

The mere opinion of one towards another’s beliefs should not be judged with severity, because if religious people have the right to spread their ideas, atheists should too.

It is a fact that there are more religious people in the world than there are atheists, therefore atheist videos can be flagged much more than religious videos can be flagged. Although, religious videos are almost never flagged because atheists simply don’t mind that they are believers of God. Nobody should be able to force a belief or a non-belief upon another person, and nobody should be able to attempt to remove videos from youtube that are against their beliefs. If it were like this, almost every video on youtube in regards to religion would be removed, because everyone has their own perspective of religion, and everyone has disagreements with everyone.

Atheist community on Youtube

By watching videos posted by people in the Atheist community on Youtube, you will see that almost every single comment is negative and discriminative. Should this be allowed? Just because someone disagrees with a video, they do not need to discriminate against the person who made the video in the first place. On the other hand, when you watch videos about religion, almost every single comment is positive. So I can conclude, that false flagging upon videos by the Atheist community should be disallowed because there is no false flagging against the religious community in general by any other community. There is no reason for religion to overcome the atheist community, and there is no reason for the atheist community to overcome the religious community. If everyone made their videos for their own viewers, as in the atheist community posts videos for atheists, and the religious community posts videos for religious folk, then there would be no dispute against these two communities, and less discrimination would be present.

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