Goddess Mythology the History


A creation mythology story as taught by an elder during the time frame that I was in training. It is a basic elemental theory of Gaia and the elements. As with all mythology, it is the perception of the person reading/studying has of each word and the construction of the words. To say it is only a mythological legend only is to say that all of Life is a mythological legend only as well.

The Beginning

In the beginning, there was nothing. Yet there was something. There was everything. No matter or energy. No space nor time. Between the Spirit and the Void, there was existence. The first manifestation had an existence from a moment in time. With no name, no form, no qualities or characteristics, it just was. It was as the infant formed as naturally as snowflakes, each one different and unique, falling from the sky above. It came out of nothingness, but yet it was all.

The Element Fire was born

So a name was given to the nameless as it expanded and grew. Not once. Not twice. But thrice. Thus the element Earth was born of Fire. Element Earth bore Air. Of Air was born Water.

As the nameless Force grew and expanded into a thousand things of no names. A cloud of Air took form and stretched from its center with a spiral. Within its turbulent swirling more and more were born. Stars lighted the skies when all was dark. Generations and generations of stars came and went without ever being named. Only the Force being named.

One moment in time a new star lighted with dust and gas whirling around it nine bodies merged and the star became named Sol. As moments of time swirled by two masses violently collided and merged together before the Force tore them apart once more. The Earth and Moon born in a passionate dance of joining and parting. As all calmed, life was born from the nameless Force of Sol. Sol shaped life and life shaped Earth. A balancing act between the heat of sister Venus and icy cold of her brother Mars. Gaia had become to be.

Life formed Gaia

Life formed Gaia – as Gaia formed Life. Sol formed Gaia – as Gaia formed Sol. The Force formed Sol – as Sol formed the Force. All nameless until Life formed Gaia.

It is then that we began to think and wonder. To question.


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