How unplugging can benefit the soul


It is rather difficult to imagine the world today without technology. It can be seen in almost every part of human existence now. Some people work, shop and socialize completely online. This is not the only way technology rules the day. Everywhere you look, you see people on smartphones texting, chatting, Skyping and talking. Checking email and social networking pages are a routine part of the day for many people.

Gadgets and devices make appearances in kitchens (fancy appliances), living rooms (TVs, game systems, etc) and even the vehicles people drive (GPS, stereos, etc). It really is hard to imagine a life without any form of technology, even for a day. There is no denying that technology has made the world feel just a little bit cozier and more convenient. However, what long term effect does living life “plugged in” has on people?

Stress can bring a person down in more than one way. Technology and all of its gadgets can play a huge role in stress build-up. One example is when the internet goes down this can cause people a loss in communication or loss of work/play/social time and this results in stress. This constant diet of technology-related stress is why people can benefit, both physically and spiritually, from “unplugging” occasionally.


Sometimes it seems as though some people are holding their breath (literally) waiting for the next text, social network update or email to come across. Life is on hold until responses are given and emails are sent/received. The day is not complete without those humorous kitty memes. This all may sound silly, but for some people, it really does ring true.

Unplugging allows you the luxury of not caring if a text comes in or whether the internet is on the fritz. You can just sit back and breathe. Go for a walk or simply stand outside and take in the fresh air and look around. The world looks a lot different in real life as opposed to seeing it on a screen of any kind.


Most people that use computers and other similar devices cannot deny that they get aches and pains from it. The most common complaints are eye strain, back/neck/shoulder pain, and headache. Even with the discomfort, you still find these people faithfully using their devices every day.

Leaving the devices alone for a while gives sore aching muscles and joints time to recover. Sitting or lying in the same position can cause chronic pain that will not go away with constant repetitive motions. Go for a walk or kick back in your favorite chair and read or listen to the delightful silence for a bit. Take a warm bath/shower and let the tension melt away. Maybe engage in some light exercise like dancing or jogging.


This is not referring to any form of device, gadget or technology. Reconnect with people in real life, face to face contact. Have coffee with old friends, go to a concert with new friends or go camping with family members. The point is to spend some quality face time with people you care about.

There is no substitute for a hug or handshake. A human being is social by nature and talking on the phone and looking at a screen is great but will never take the place of physical contact. Being in the same room with people and interacting together can even reduce stress and risk of depression.

Technology and all the accompanying devices make life easier in many ways. That same technology and those same devices can also be a huge source of constant stress, anxiety, and even depression. Not to mention the physical aches and pains of eye strain, stiff backs, and necks as well as headaches.

It is beneficial to step away from those devices and revel in the simple act of being human. Devices cannot hug, kiss or breathe fresh air. A device cannot wipe away tears or offer a hand to hold. The point is that physical contact and face to face interaction is something that a device can never provide. These are basic things humans need in order to be happy and feel truly connected.

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