Behind manifestation


Often, we claim that we want one thing but receive something else entirely. Why?

It is not necessarily because we’re doing something “wrong” or that we’re “off” in the way we tend to see it. There’s much more to it than just the thoughts we put to them. It also has to do with our general state of mind the sort of actions that we have been taking. The saying that “actions speak louder than words” doesn’t exist just for the world but also for the Universe as well.

The reason we become so easily confused is that the Universe usually gives us its guidance only one consistent step at a time after another and it often doesn’t make sense to us. But the reason that It does that is that It knows that if It were to try to give us Its guidance in multiple steps that it would actually aggravate our egos’ fears even more. A Course in Miracles teaches, we often don’t even know what’s best for ourselves, let alone anyone else. But the Universe does and acts accordingly as long as we keep ourselves calm and watchful enough to put in our part of the effort.

The Law of Attraction is also a foundation of manifestation.

Our thoughts and actions put together attract like a phenomenon to us. We believe that things happen to us and to others but in actuality, we bring whatever happens to us on ourselves.  This isn’t to say that we should guilt-trip ourselves or think ourselves “bad” because of it. As with everything else, manifestation simply is what it is and as it is. The only additional meaning it carries is whatever we assign to it.

Every single one of us is a Soul having a human experience in order to balance out the karma that we have carried since we have decided to separate from God Itself.  In every lifetime, we have a purpose to fulfill, whatever that is, and certain lessons that we agreed to learn in our Souls’ contract.

We cannot afford to just sit around and simply say,

“Oh, this wasn’t meant to be.” Before we can safely say that’s so, we must make every effort that we can possibly make.

Many people fear responsibility

To this day, many people fear responsibility and, unfortunately, equate the very word with negative reinforcement and worse, punishment but that is far from the case. The word, responsibility simply speaks to that which is ours to do and the consequences that simply come about when we do and when we don’t. Taking charge of what is yours to take charge not only lessens the world’s burdens but it also shows the Universe that you have taken control and you will be rewarded accordingly.

The universe doesn’t reward us in the way that we expect.

Sometimes, and even often, the Universe doesn’t reward us in the way that we expect. It is because of what is said above. That we often don’t know what our own best interests are. Therefore, it is usually not a good idea to try to pigeonhole the Universe by trying to give it your own script but rather to keep yourself open and to notice its signs when they come about.  If there is something you wish to do and believe that it is your life’s purpose, before you just dive in and do it, it’s always a good idea to notice signs that the Universe gives you first. Especially whether It’s walking you toward it or pulling you away from it.

So keep positive, put in your part and notice the signs.

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