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A fundamental truth in life is the fact of the individual’s absolute ownership of his body. The most intimate action one can make is to share his most valuable possession with others but since his body is his own, he may share it with whoever he pleases.

The most offensive aspect of religion is the notion that a man isn’t the absolute owner of his body…and he is expected to subject it to the standards of others. The claim is made by organized religion that homosexuality is unnatural and inhuman…that homosexuals are misusing the bodies that their creator lent them. Religion is the ultimate weapon of the collective to subject the individual before them.

Once the collective embraces the concept of bodies being borrowed rather than owned, they can justify forcing individuals to give up control of their own bodies. Their goal is to break the individual’s ownership, to foreclose on his body…not like a banker who has every right to foreclose on a house, but like a government official seizing it and laying waste to it so as to pave a road through the property. The people who are breaking the individual, however, are attempting to bury his spirit.

Religion breeds contempt and hostility

Religion breeds contempt and hostility towards those who hold their bodies to different standards and lifestyles. Homosexuality is something that many people view as disgusting and unnatural because of their religious views, and their religious irreverence for humanity emboldens them in their quest to break others. They dream of a world where no individuals exist, where everyone is part of the collective, the religious faction, and no one lives outside of their will.

How can religion incite homophobia?

The real question is, how can the collective, break the individual’s ownership of his body? They campaign for legislation to help them. They have rallied, they preach sermons, they say hateful things and have double standards when it comes to women and men. The purpose of their concerted effort isn’t just to break homosexuals, it’s to put them in their place, for acting outside the guidelines they think are set forth by God, the true owner of human bodies. Homosexuals are merely scapegoats when it comes to the ultimate aim of religion: to destroy all individual identities in favor of a collective one. Religion doesn’t merely cause this as some sort of unfortunate side-effect: this is the purpose.

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