How attitude affects your health


Attitude plays a crucial role in how you are living your life. In fact, it is rated as the number one ingredient for achieving a happy life. Everyone knows persons who only see the negative side of life. They view others as being dumb or stupid. The reality is they see themselves as being dumb or stupid, but are projecting their view onto others. They are not looking at their own attitude toward the world. The way some talk about attitude implies people must be positive all the time. This is not realistic.

Some do experience negative emotions. You can push the negativity away in your life and suppress them by pretending you are fine. Negative emotions have a bad rap, and perhaps you need to learn to accept them as a part of life.

Accepting what is going on in your life right now seems to be a better approach to achieving a happy life. Mindfulness is one way to practice acceptance.  If negative emotions like grief, pain, anger, regret,  disappointment or envy are recognized and accepted in the moment, this will lead to arriving at solutions as to why you feel this way.

The suppression of emotions is unhealthy.

A suppressed emotion will show up in some “acting out” behavior. Suppressed emotions are usually about unfinished business and can interfere with living in the moment. It is when you live in the moment that something new can happen in your life, rather than suppressing a painful emotion to protect yourself.

Lives do not always go upward; there are downsides in your life.

You will be more at peace if you accept this reality. For the most part, your life is somewhat mundane, but, if you turn the mundane into mindfulness, you will develop a feeling of contentment.  Mindfulness is about paying to attention to what is happening right now.

Accepting life as it is can be a much healthier way to live.

Acceptance allows for change to happen; it aids turning a negative event to a positive one. Peace of mind can exist more readily. It is not about resignation, which has the connotation of hopelessness.

Acceptance has a different feel to it. It has a sense of power to it, allowing you to release the past and move on. Acceptance can erase doubt, fear, and anxiety from what is happening now.

Acceptance is the opposite of resistance.

Choosing to accept a situation, especially when you cannot change it, gives you a sense of serenity. If you choose to be accepting, you begin to attract the good and the beautiful into your life. You take what seemed to be “bad” thing at its face value, only to have it transform into something good.  Acceptance is about going with the flow of life. There will be ups and downs. Life will sometimes reach a plateau and smooth out.

You cannot change the way life is, but you can change the way life can be. You can ask what you should have done differently and start living in the present. Acceptance is about reserving your energy by not complaining how life should be and by taking the next step to change your life as you want it to be. Complainers and whiners never go far. A change in attitude can change your health, and especially so if your attitude is one of acceptance.

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