Is there a God?


In the midst of all the turmoil in the world, I hear so much about God but it doesn’t make any sense. Would an almighty power let the world be a pit of torture and despair? I see no compassion from a higher power when I walk down the street, I simply see that we are alone.

The Sufferings of the Earth and the People

Take a trip through a heavily populated area and see the faces of people you meet. Do you wonder why people are on the streets starving and begging? Can you really believe that they chose that life for themselves? I could not imagine the string of decisions that would lead me to be sleeping in a pile of filth, eating out of dumpsters, and being alone until death. But I do see so many leading the empty life on the streets and I can not see the proof thereof a God.

Sit and talk to a mother who has lost a child, not because of a car accident or medical condition, but a mother that has lost a child due to SIDS or has no explanation at all. Would a God really take the innocent life after a few breaths outside of the womb? I could never worship a god that would harm a defenseless baby. Killing a child is sick and disgusting when a mortal man does it, but if your God commits the murder what do you call it? It sure is not a blessing, not in the least.

Questions about God

How does a God give a child of his cancer?

How is that for a gift from God?

To be created and brought into this world and be given a terminal disease is just laughable. I do not feel the love of a heavenly father, I feel as if our lives are being torn apart. What are the kind words I hear from the people who embrace this lie of a God? “Everything happens for a reason.” The pathetic excuse you leave me with makes me pity your poor gullible mind.

If everything horrible has a reason I want to know it.

Who deserves to starve on the streets?

What did the tiny child do to deserve death?

What crime did the mother of that child commit?

How can cancer be written off as fate?

How can people live their lives according to this God who unleashes the gifts of starvation, death, and disease upon his people?

There is no God, only a fictional character in a book of fables.


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