It turns out laughing really is the best medicine


It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine. Many medical studies have been done, but while all results cannot be supported, many simple facts can be verified.

Feel Better

Laughing can just plain make you feel better. It also releases endorphins those feel-good chemicals that exercise also produces. When you feel good, it improves your mood and attitude and helps you to relax better.

Improved Relationships

While laughing is something you rarely do alone, when that contagion is shared by several it has a bonding effect on everyone. Laughing can actually improve relationships and is an easy way to enhance your social life.

Most of us are carry around with us some negative feelings. These emotions are unhealthy ones like anger. Laughing can focus a person on having fun instead of concentrating on bad feelings.

Eliminate Frustration

One thing we can do for ourselves is to use laughter to stop feeling frustrated. Adding humor in your life will give your health a boost. TV and movies offer lots of reasons to laugh. Anytime friends or family get together, it seems laughter is easier and more prevalent. It is said that kids especially, know how to laugh. They can do it up to 400 times a day, while adults lag way behind with only 15 times a day.

In today’s world, many people are struggling with various health issues. Many diseases and conditions are caused by or worsened by stress. Laughter is one of the things which can release tension and get rid of the stress you are carrying.

It is a proven fact that worry and stress can affect how you sleep. Insomnia results when you worry so much you cannot turn off your mind.

Enough Sleep

Sleeping well and the right amount of sleep contribute to your good health. Most doctors agree that people with many illnesses would improve if they could just sleep right. Laughing, first relaxes and calms you, and then aids your sleeping.

After prolonged laughing, the muscles relax and that result can last up to 45 minutes. Anytime muscles relax your body lets go of stress. It can also help you with pain. It is said to lessen pain physically as a result of laughing.

Several studies have shown that laughing can actually produce physical changes to your body. It improves your immune system and helps you fight off diseases.

A good belly laugh can actually produce results similar to exercising since it can affect your diaphragm, your abs, and even shoulders.

There are so many more reasons to laugh and feel good than there are to be sad and depressed. Laughter can improve relationships, relieve stress, improve sleeping, lessen pain and increase your immunity to illness. It releases endorphins so you just plain feel good.

Doctors recommend laughing and value a sense of humor. So laugh your way to happiness and improved health.

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