Birth Flowers – July And Its Two Birth Flowers


July Birth Flower.

July heralds the middle of summer and with it come two gorgeous birth month flowers that are unique not only in appearance but in growth as well. The Delphinium, otherwise known as the Larkspur, as well as the Water lily has both been awarded the honor of representing July as its birth flower.

Characteristics Of These Flowers

These two July birth flowers differ greatly in appearance. The water lily makes its home on the surface of the water and has a large lily pad with a single flower in the center. These majestic plants are often referred to as “Queen of the Water” and the flowers almost look like a crown and is also called a Lotus flower. The delphinium, on the other hand, might look like a single flower but is made up of numerous tiny flowers shaped like a poker. Other names for the Delphinium / Larkspur include Knight’s Spur, Lark’s Heel or Lark’s Claw. Although the Delphinium and Larkspur look very similar, there are subtle differences between the two. You only have to look at the delicate flowers to see this. The Delphinium has trumpet-like flowers while the Larkspurs flower is more open without the trumpet-like tube of the Delphinium.

Symbolism, Meaning and Significance of Water Lilies

As the national flower of Bangladesh, the water lily has long been a symbol of life and love. Throughout Eastern culture, the water lily has been a symbol used to convey emotions, ideas, and experiences ranging from beauty to enlightenment. Not only is it a symbol of life and love but is also seen as a symbol of unity. For Buddhists and Hindus, the water lily is an important religious symbol. When a water lily is used in a bridal bouquet it represents “purity of heart”.

Symbolism, Meaning and Significance of The Larkspur / Delphinium

According to a Greek legend, the Delphinium was an ancient sculptor, who was turned into a dolphin by the gods, for what he created a sculpture of his beloved and made her alive. But only the gods had a right to come back from the kingdom of the shadows. Every evening a dolphin sailed to the shore to meet its girlfriend. Once, when the girl longingly looked at the sea, the dolphin appeared out of the waves. It brought to her feet the flowers, similar to small dolphins, and disappeared forever. Another legend tells us, that Delphinium got its name in honor of ancient Greek city Delphi, where this flower could be met at any step. Besides, there was a famous Temple of Apollo and the Delphic oracle in this city.

Delphinium, the Birth Flower of JulyAncient Greeks described Delphinium as a flower of sadness, because of another Greek legend about the taking of Troy, where the Ajax and Achilles died. According to this legend, after the death of Achilles, his armor was awarded to Odysseus, not to Ajax Telamonid. Being in despair, Ajax threw himself on his sword. The droplets of his blood fell to the ground, where, soon, grown the flowers. These flowers were the beauty Delphiniums.

Interesting Facts

A single water lily flower not only changes color from white to deep pink but is the only flower that bears fruit while it is in full bloom. Native Americans used the Larkspur / Delphinium to make blue dye while some Europeans ground the flowers for making ink. Both these flowers are special in their own right making July a very special month.

Since ancient times, the Delphinium was used not only in floriculture. American Indians decorated the altars using this flower. In Mongolia and Tibet it was used to cure the intoxication. Currently, the Delphinium is used in Iran and Afghanistan to create famous Persian carpets.

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