Magic and Sorcery in the Modern World


I Live in Australia In a modern city with all that brings, electricity, communications transport, and healthcare facilities, etc. All of which was born of the vision of individuals who reached out with the intention to either make their mark on the world or to make it a place where people could live and prosper.

So where does the word magic come into this?

Scientists and inventors are responsible for the technology which runs our life, however, if you take another look at what I have stated you will see two words which are the cornerstone of all that has been achieved. Intention and Vision. Without either, we would still be knocking together rocks to make fire.

In any magical exercise, there are key ingredients the visualization of what is to be achieved and the intention and absolute belief that it is possible.

If one were to scale back any invention of any era, one would eventually come back to the base elements of the planet which are worked into a tool to harness energy. Take a grain of silicate(sand ) eventually becoming a silicone chip that powers a computer that sends man to the moon. Why because enough people believed they could.


So if we can visualize and create the wonders of the modern world why do we have so much suffering, sickness, and war. I bring another word from another time and place into play, Sorcery. If I lived in a tribal community that still held the mythology of days gone past then magic and sorcery are an everyday reality. As surely as I could visualize and create anything to enhance life, I can do the opposite and cause detriment to life.

If I were known to be a kadatchaman within the Aboriginal community and you had broken a law you would be very much in fear for your wellbeing. In the voodun society, the same applies if I were a known practitioner and I walked up to your house and hammered a coffin nail into your door frame then you would be excluded from society. In the eyes of the community, you are a dead man. Unless you have the means to reverse the sentence.

All well and good but most of you who read this are sitting in front of a computer living a modern life. What has this got to do with me?. Sorcery works in the modern world just as well as the tribal. Gossip, innuendo, and lies all tools used every day to effect with intent upon the wellbeing or status of others, usually for personal, political or corporate gain. This is nothing new, the same tools have been used since humans began to gather into communities.

There is always a price to be paid

The thing is with sorcery is that once you begin to practice, it makes you its slave. When you destroy someone else’s life to your gain then you have opened the door for the same to come back at you. Maybe not in the same form, but there is always a price to be paid. It is not only the individual but also religions and governments which have opened many doors which should never have been opened.


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