Living the magical life


Magick is not a mere way of life – it is your life. As a true initiate, you ought to live in accordance with its tenets (in accordance with the very demands and yearnings of your heart). The path of magick, if taken with much zeal and passion, is a very demanding path – and every true practitioner of this sacred Art must answer every demand and every challenge with courage, patience and a strong will to succeed.

Magical books and their little games

It is quite unfortunate that many claim themselves to be practitioners of the sacred Art and Science of magick simply because they do, in a regular basis, the psychic exercises that can be found in magick books. However, these exercises (or games) only last for a short time (usually, even less than an hour). May he who honestly treads the magical path also realize that these games usually inflict more damage to the ignorant than growth – reason: Subconsciously, you are telling yourself that you are merely testing your magical skill; and to test is to give existence to doubt.

Meeting fellow practitioners of the Craft

Meeting other practitioners of magick can be beneficial, but it is not an essential requirement. In fact, usually, out of about 10 practitioners that you meet, only one or two (worse, even none [and this is not surprising]) really have the dedication and passion to fully embrace the arts magical.

Intensive study

Knowledge is the foundation of the pyramid of magick. He who walks the magical path must devour (but with caution not to allow himself to be swayed by baseless and meaningless teachings) as much knowledge as he can. However, magick is not just about reading and studying – you have to gain experience. Hence, learn when to close your book, and live the magical moment. Remember, every moment is a miracle.

Let the world despise you … but focus!

Fortunately, the modern man is now more open to strange (natural) ideas. You do not anymore have to hide for fear of being burned to death. However, there are still people who may despise you because of your beliefs and the manner in which you live your life (as a result of following the demands of your magical heart). Do not let these people destroy your life and your dream. Instead, use them as a form of training device to develop your social courage, self-mastery (control) – and to further prove to yourself and to the living multiverse that you are true to your path.

Practice, practice – and more practice

The practice is the secret (rather, not so secret) ingredient to succeed in your magical endeavor; but, the meaning of “practice” usually fools many students of the Art. Real practice means much more than just spending five or 15 minutes a day to do your regular magickal exercise(s). The true essence of practice is the direct application of all your magical faculties – not only for 15 minutes, not even for an hour – but for every second, every moment. After all, every moment, no matter how brief, the universal forces remain at play, always in the proper orbit to cast a spell – a moment to live a magical life.

Living a magical life is to live with your heart. No matter what people may say, no matter how crazy things may go – you have to live and enjoy life. Think not and cast your worries into ashes – and be happy. Let your heart lead you into the Mysterious – because there is where true magick lies.

Life is too short for you to explain everything that you do (You do not even have to explain anything.). Hence, get naked; allow yourself to go crazy; go mad – laugh, cry, pray, drink and let the Angel of Death teach you how to live.

You are magick.

Blessed be.

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