Not Believing in God Religion Superstition


The prime reason why not to believe in god is that god does not exist. I find it desperately sad that people cannot come to terms with the world and their life without needing an otherworldly supposed omnipotent being watching over them all the time.

Another very good reason why not to believe in god is that it prevents us from fulfilling our true potential. We can do things on our own. We have the ability within us to cope with all manner of problems and setbacks in our lives. We have no need for a crutch built of superstition on which to lean.

Religion and the concept of a god is tantamount to superstition

It is magical thinking. It is basing a whole belief system on the imaginary. And does it make the world and our lives any different as a result? Not one jot.

I can understand the hold that religions have over people when that hold has been in place for millennia and people have come to rely on their belief and their faith to see them through. But it is all based on a false premise. The difficulty in trying to point this out is that people have become so used to the concept of god that they are not able to comprehend a world and an existence without god.

It is possible to create any number of explanations for the creation of the world and human beings, for what happens when we die, for the reasons behind natural disasters, disease and the many unpleasant aspects of human life. But being able to create them does not make them true.

The difficult concept to come to terms with is that there is no pattern to the universe; there is no reason why some people live healthy lives and others endure years of pain; there is no way to explain why certain things happen the way they do – we just have to accept these things.

Why Religions and churches are very powerful now?

Religions and churches have become very powerful in our world. Some demand payment and all manner of sacrifice in the name of whatever they stand for. This is the ultimate form of mind control. What they are doing is removing your ability to think for yourself and by ensuring that you are unable to cope without them, these churches maintain their power and influence.

There is no need to believe in god. Whatever is going to happen today and tomorrow will happen whether or not you believe in god.

We are all born, we live and we die. They are the only certainties of our existence.

Our life span is the only one we have

Nothing came before, and nothing is going to come after. This is not a frightening thing. It should give us the impetus to make the best we possibly can of the time we have. For our life is our responsibility; we can make the choices; we can decide; everything for us is in our own hands. We have no need to believe in god. To believe in god is not to believe in ourselves.

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