Fresh and Clean Air: A Boost to Your Health


Increase Your Oxygen Level

Why is it that a simple thing like fresh air is so important for your health and overall fitness? Well, we get a plenty of reasons for that matter and you should not take this vital element for granted. After you take in air through your lungs, your oxygen levels are boosted up by the red blood cells and transport it to the rest of those body cells.

The regular supply of oxygen is used by our cells in metabolism, or the process of energy production that takes place in the body. Your body systems really need fresh air that will give enough oxygen to the cells in order to stay fit and health.

Having a Healthy Bloodstream

When inhalation and exhalation take place, airborne toxins are released from the body. These toxins are the spin-off gases from the metabolic process which constantly happens in the bloodstream. This is the reason why we need fresh and clean air. If you constantly breathe in same old or dirty air, you are bringing damage to the cellular functions. This is detrimental to your overall health and wellness because it is critical to replace spoiled air with very clean air to come up with a sensibly dynamic lifestyle.

Natural fresh air is vital because a regular supply of it is needed to enable your brain create fundamental thoughts. Every individual body cell needs clean and dirt-free air in order to survive. That is why it’s not advisable to stay in congested areas with poor ventilation for long hours, which might lead you to inhale that same bad air again and again.

The fresh air that we breathe from our atmosphere is saturated with negative ions, contains a huge amount of oxygen and is absolutely free from contaminants or toxic elements. Luckily for us, it is fairly revitalizing and will provide our body a healthy kind of boost. Typically, negative charge is carried by the element oxygen while the positive charge is carried by the carbon dioxide. Air that contains oxygen in higher density will turn to be much more negatively charged than the air with a great CO2 content.

Finding Fresh Air

Normally, the freshest source of air can be found outdoors, places that are close to nature like trees, vegetation and the whole plant life. It is also abundant in flowing bodies of water such as waterfalls, rivers, lakes, oceans and on the beach. These areas provide great supply of fresh and clean air which is therapeutic for people who are feeling miserable or are suffering from sickness or depression. It really pays to maintain healthy air to breathe to benefit your entire body systems. Moreover, a good supply of fresh air facilitates in cleaning your lungs and in combating illnesses more effectively. It also contributes for effective digestion of food and improves the power of concentration. With all these benefits and more, you can’t really live to just breathe the same old air again. Breathe life. Breathe fresh air.

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