Breathing: Doing it the Right Way


 Common Breathing Problem

It is a universal law that we all depend on breathing to survive. Life starts and ends in breath. Usually, we overlook the significance of inhalation and exhalation, thinking of it rarely as an automatic process, until we discover ourselves getting problems in breathing and then attempt to exert effort. When we have influenza and blocked sinuses or are abruptly frightened by something, we tend to breath shortly and unstably. Then we realize how essential breathing is to our life and how out of our control breathing has turned into.

First Step in Breathing Correctly

Beyond the point of this obvious condition among people, there is a more hidden problem that needs a careful attention. Most people do not breathe correctly to benefit their body and mind on a more profound level, which sequentially cause various illnesses in our world. See yourself breath for a moment and you will appreciate as you are going about your tasks all day. Much of the time when you take very short and rapid breaths or big amount of time you are just retaining your breath while under some kind of pressures. From the manner you go out from bed, the manner you eat your food or the manner you talk, the breath is not restricted and is being detained or shortened constantly. The so-called unconscious breathing turns to be a habit my many that are under stress and pressure that we feel everyday and if not treated with better breathing exercises, may lead to serious complications. Further, medical experts said that short, irregular breathing is the cause of a majority of contemporary diseases.

Applying Breathing Techniques

We all know we cannot live or survive without breathing but if we neglect it as if it will never cease until the time we depart from this earth. This is reality, but the way we use that breath can primarily give us maximum fitness and health and on the other part bring our mentality further and deeper into indefinite frontiers. When we use our breath for the good, we can go beyond the limits and create changes which we might think impossible before. By just applying the many techniques of yoga and other breathing techniques, a person can gain control of what passes in the mental realm and transform it for better, kinder and more sympathetic thoughts.

Remember, when we do not breathe properly, it can affect the functions of our nervous system and we become easily roused, intolerant and less considerate of other people. This results to leaving us insecure and tired much of the times thinking we are wrestling with the world when are actually only fighting ourselves. The health of the body and mind will increase as the breath gets deeper and slows down to correspond with the heart’s rhythmic activity. Thus, it is good to breathe profoundly and to follow the breath as you manage your daily life.

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