Incorporating Deep Breath to Your Daily Routine


Conscious Breathing

It really pays to learn how to breathe consciously. Breathing provides over 99 percent of our body’s oxygen and energy capacity which aid in all our physiological functions. When breathing is poorly executed, it can cause or lead to more serious effects like depression, fatigue, stress, anxiety, high blood pressure, loss of sleep, poor mental focus, headaches and so many detrimental chronic disorders. All chronic disorders or illnesses are aggravated with poor breathing. Yes, we normally breathe every day, but the manner of breathing we do is shallower and quicker coming from the higher part of our diaphragm instead from the stomach that involves long, gradual breaths. Getting energized and recharged quickly and efficiently is always possible by just applying techniques of deep breathing. With this vital fact, there is no downtime even a little. And the best of all, it is easy and free. What you are going to do is just incorporate the beneficial exercise to your day to day routine. And of course, I’m talking about deep breathing here which eventually restores your energy- not like the shallow and quick type of breathing that reduces your energy.

To get more information about how breathing exercises contribute to our health, you can check out all kinds of resources from DVDs, videos and books. These can teach you the methods about how to perform breathing exercises.


Breathing Creates Energy

At this juncture, here is a simple technique in order to incorporate your breathing workout into your every day routine. You can actually perform this wherever you are- in your car, at your desk, at home. At whatever time you need to revitalize and re-energize, release tension, stress or headache, just take few minutes to do this breathing exercise.

First, close your eyes and focus yourself for little minutes. Reflect about yourself, and what you want to get rid of. It might be a bad thought, anxiety, or headache. Then start by breathing in deeply from your abdomen and then breathe out though your mouth. Repeat the second step for five to six times, or longer depending on your preference. When you are through, unlock our vision and find back what you feel within. Compare the differences few minutes ago and what you sense after the breathing exercise. Chances are you will get a much relieved feeling. That’s the healing wonder of conscious and deep breathing!

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