Reduce Stress through Deep Breathing


Breathing Slows Down the Aging Process

Stress is one of the major factors for hastening the aging process and physical breakdown. Chronic stress eats up the nutrients from the body and weakens brain structure. Muscle tension, depression, insomnia, chronic pain, lack of motivation, weight gain and a multitude of other conditions are all associated to stress. It has been discovered that stress contribute to the appearance of certain diseases, due to the fact that chronic stress enervates the immune system which makes it far easier to get ill.

But, there is a fast and effortless remedy in order to reduce that stress. Try deep breathing. Deep breathing is the greatest approach to activate your parasympathetic nervous system through what has been called the relaxation reaction of the human body. Research reveals that taking deep breaths has the potential to considerably soothe the body and mind.


Deep Breathing Reduces Stress

When a person is stressed, their body starts to gain tension and they either catch fast, small breaths or hold their breath. The heart pumps at an increased rate and the muscles compress as adrenaline enters the bloodstream. When the degrees of stress go back to normal, there is a tendency that people breathe out deeply, alerting the brain it is alright to calm down. Breathing is the fastest way for the multiple systems of the body to communicate, shifting from high pressure conditions to relaxation in matter of few seconds. If there’s a continuous deep breathing after a nerve-racking condition has concluded, the heart experiences a decrease of rate. Then, the lungs come expanded and the muscles end in a state of relaxation.

Eastern cultures have known of the significance of breathing. For thousands of years, it has been proven by studies that it creates a sense of balance between the body and the mind. This stability results in a more relaxing state of being, considerably reduces stress and aids in maintaining a more strong physiology. Yoga and t’ai chi benefits are gained because of the combined effects of movement and deep breathing to support a stable central nervous reaction.

A lot of breathing techniques can applied, but it all goes to a common outcome of gaining the benefits from practicing deep breaths on a regular basis. Therefore, always remind yourself to apply deep breathing wherever or whenever you are. Tack sticky notes on your steering wheel, at home, or any place you need to relax. It is strongly suggested that learning more about the proper way to exercise can give you most benefits out of your workouts and improve the quality of your life.

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