Oracle cards are clairvoyant tools of the trade


Oracle cards are commonly referred to as angel cards and are a lot like a positive version of tarot cards. Because Tarot cards carry a mystical and somewhat superstitious associate, oracle cards might make one hesitant to use them. However, angel cards are not and cannot be used in a negative fashion. The only negative message that can be interpreted is when a card is upside down – this means there is simply a blockage in that area. An upside-down “healing” card would mean the individual receiving the reading has a blockage in healing. To understand more about oracle cards, learn first about the decks.

There are several different themes used on each deck of cards: Mermaids and dolphins, fairies, ascended masters, archangels, angels and mixed decks. In the same way, that tarot cards have pictures and labels on them, so do oracle cards. The whole point of these cards is to receive messages from angels through the symbolism of the cards. With angel cards, only angels will appear as the images, while ascended master decks will contain images of Jesus and The Prophet Mohammed. There is no set number per deck and the decks can intermingle without consequence.

Oracle cards cannot be used to play games

Unlike playing cards, oracle cards cannot be used to play games. However, “flying cads” are fun and can feel like a game. The oracle card shuffler has several ways to layout cards. When shuffling, though, sometimes cards will flip right out of the deck. This is done “on purpose” by the angels who are really trying to send a specific message to the shuffler, or the person receiving the reading. Always take note of these special cards. They can be ignored and pushed right back in the deck, but they have a tendency of popping right back up and in more obvious ways like jumping out of the deck and landing several feet away so they have to be noticed.

For time readings, there are two layouts. The first is a three-card model. The deck is shuffled and spread out face down. The first card picked is turned around and placed on the left. This is repeated with the next two cards, placing each down to the right of the first card in a 1, 2, 3 pattern. The cards on the very left represent the immediate past, while the card in the center represents the current time and the card on the very right represents the near future. A twelve-month spread can also be used. If the current month is April, the first card is taken from the deck and flipped over-represents what will be the theme for May. This continues through all twelve months. Oracle cards come with a little pamphlet to explain their use and what each card symbolized and further details on what that symbol could mean.

Doreen Virtue is a well-known clairvoyant who was really made oracle cards popular, but there are several people expanding this use of these cards. A Google search will pull up several names and some times even virtual (i.e. free) versions of the oracle cards. A typical 45 card deck runs from about $15-25 in the U.S. so they are much more costly than playing cards and more comparable to the price of tarot cards.

Because these cards are just similar to tarot cards, they might make people nervous. Tampering with one’s religious beliefs and the spirit world sounds scary. However, the purpose of oracle cards is to connect the people to the messages that angels are sending to them. With only positive and love messages, the angel’s cards are a way to develop spiritual insight and receive comfort from those looking out for you in the spirit world.

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