Paganism a Positive Earth Based Faith


Paganism is a Positive Earth-Based Faith more than a Religion. The word Paganism is an umbrella for many other faiths that are Earth Based.

Some examples are the Shamans, Druids, and Native Americans.

These paths all cherish Mother Earth as a life force with which to receive life and take it away. They utilize her blessings such as flowers, herbs, trees, stones, natural metals, crystals, leaves, stems, animals, humans and other natural objects.

Paganism looks at the Earth as a very special extension of one’s own body, for everyone is connected to the Earth. For Earth is our body, Air is our breath, Water our blood and Fire as our spirit. Pagans look upon the Elements, Earth, Air, Fire, and Water as the powerful forces of the world.

People of Paganism learn to heal with her gifts, listen to the trees and stones for all are to be with spirit.

Her animals are Sacred as the Earth herself. Paganism is a powerful Positive faith that enriches their lives with an abundance of crops to harvest, plentiful herbs to make remedies, oils, tinctures, potions and other natural cures for illnesses.

Most Pagans look upon the Earth as the Mother and the Sun as the Father, while there are some who worship Gods and Goddesses, like the Moon Goddess and the Sun God as in Wicca.

Pagans rely on the turning of the seasons and the phases of the Moon for planting, reaping, making enchanted remedies for healing and asking for gifts from Mother Nature.

Paganism is not a religion; there is no Hierarchy system.

There are those, who are more in tune with nature than others, as in; Medicine Men and Women, but Paganism is more a faith, a path, that one chooses to retain and utilize the natural energies of the Earth, Moon, Sun, Stars, Trees, Flowers, Herbs, and Animals.

Being a Pagan leaves you up to your own demise. There is no Hierarchy to tell you what you can and can not do. They follow their path of enlightenment as they wish. Finding the energies of nature all around them and utilizing it for the Greater Good.

Paganism is not a religion, but a Faith. They are able to learn at their own speed and not answering to anyone but themselves. Paganism is a peaceful faith, one of which the Earth Mother intended on her creations to be.

Paganism is not a religion but a sacred faith, a sacred path followed by many.

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