What use does Tarot have for Atheists the Tarot and the Atheist Tarot and Spirituality


Tarot is an excellent tool for personal growth, self-discovery, divination, and meditation, regardless of one’s spiritual or religious beliefs. Tarot cards work because the symbolism in the illustrations on the cards speaks to our subconscious minds. Tarot cards are an intuitive tool that transcends any one belief system.

The Science of how Tarot works

There is a science to how the tarot works with one’s subconscious mind as with any visual stimulant; the brain reacts to what it sees. The tarot works in just that way. The tarot card reader sees a particular card, and the visual image on that card stimulates the reader’s brain. A tarot card reader must develop their intuitive abilities to interpret the tarot cards accurately.

Origin of Tarots

Tarot cards have existed for hundreds of years and are not based on anyone’s particular spiritual or non-spiritual belief system. The symbolism on tarot cards dates back as far as Syrian and Egyptian hieroglyphics or “secret writings.” The symbols found on tarot cards stimulate one’s subconscious mind and helps us get in tune with our inner voice or intuitive self. Jung believed tarot cards opened our sub-conscious mind to our conscious mind. This unification of thought can be really helpful to us when we are trying to make positive changes in our lives or trying to overcome addictions or other obstacles in life.

Atheists, as well as agnostics, pagans, Christians, Buddhists or anyone who adheres to any belief, can get just as much value from the tarot as anyone else. One of the best uses for tarot cards is as a catalyst for personal growth and self-discovery. Using the tarot as a meditation tool, one can meditate on the visual image of a different card each day. The image on that card will stimulate the brain through the symbolism in the illustration. This technique can help one get in touch with their subconscious mind. Using the tarot cards in this manner can help one see their daily problems in a different light.

One of the reasons the tarot has been called “evil” and associated with paganism by many religious people, is because it does not conform to any one belief system. The tarot is truly non-denominational and just as practical no matter what a person’s personal beliefs are. Thus the tarot is an excellent tool for atheists as well as any other person of any spiritual or non-spiritual beliefs.

Tarot is a fun and effective way to get to know your inner self.

Working with the tarot is a fun and effective way to get to know your inner self. Getting a tarot reading from someone else is always entertaining and illuminating, regardless of what your belief systems may be. The tarot appeals to and benefits all people; this is exactly why it has grown more in popularity every year, for hundreds of years, and will continue to do so.

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