Popular Pagan Rituals and their Meaning


The Old Religion, which is the basis for many who practice Paganism today, still came in various forms. The general public still today remains unaware of how the nature of the craft is growing in today’s world. With movies such as Harry Potter, most have the notion that Pagans are witches and wizards who cast spells and have some sort of supernatural power.


Reality check. Spellcasting is no more than the conventional and widely accepted Wiccan (and other spiritual paths) version of prayer. Just like the many sects of Christianity, Pagans have their “rituals” in prayer. Catholics kneel upon a stool in front of them and do the sign of the cross, while Pagans may create a sacred space and turn to the North. The rituals are purely for the human being to become in conscious contact with that with which they pray to.

Rites and Rituals

Pagans enjoy performing their rites and rituals outside in nature. For no other reason other than Paganism itself is a nature-based spiritual path. The forces of nature are celebrated through the worship of the Goddess and God. The balance of female and male. In the Pagan faith, the rituals that are most often performed embrace the same moral concepts that most of the religions of today do as well.

The basic tenant of do not harm anyone, man is born innocent not guilty and whatever sin he ends up with is his will not that of God or the Goddess, these tenants are simple and basic principles.

Evil is simply the absence of good and to be pitied and prayed for. As with any sacred prayer, rite, spell or ritual; if it is done with a sincere and honest heart it is more powerful regardless of whom it is addressed to. To perform a ritual of prayer and creating a cone of power is the same theology of having a Wednesday night prayer group. To have more praying and sending energy for the divine to intercede and help the one’s praying for. The other purpose of the ritual of a coven meeting is the same as it is for any other religion. Fellowship. To gather together, to raise our voices together into one in praise, joy, gratefulness, and prayer.


The festivals are four times a year that coincide with the change of the season. It is good regardless of spiritual pathway to celebrate and be grateful for the things in life given. There is not a single religion in today’s world that does not agree with the ritual of saying thank you.

Nearly every culture and every religion today have traces of the Old Religion. The rituals of Pagans can be summed up this way. They are the force of the energy of the mind to induce results through mysterious ways. The ways of nature rather than the ways of man. Essentially all forms of religion that give thanks for the forces of nature or pray for relief from those same forces have traces of Paganism.

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