Finding courage within yourself


Sometimes, to have the courage to be yourself you must find yourself, in this maze of events going on around the world. You really have to work within yourself and have the dedication to finding it within you to change you, no one else can change your inner strength within overcomes the outside. So you’ve found yourself so far thinking deep inside, thinking about who you want to be known as? Good these are the first steps to becoming more courageous to be yourself regardless of if there are people around. Courage stems from a lot of topics covered herein hoping this will give you a little boost in the day. This boost can improve your self-esteem and mood throughout the day. Every little boost here and there goes a long way in life.

Stepping out of your comfort zone

The biggest challenge, however, is stepping out of your comfort zone; it’s hard to do, this is because this is where you’ve become most comfortable.

Managing to step out of the comfort zone is key to extending who you are outside of your mind. Once you are able to step out of that comfort zone you will find you speak more and people will notice the extra confidence in your step or the way you act. Often times people are stuck in this shell and are afraid to reach out to people if you never try you will never succeed. To reach out it shows you are branching out a branch to this person.

Confidence goes hand in hand with courage

Confidence goes hand in hand with courage the only person, who can build this confidence is you, yourself. It is a big deal because it affects all your actions in a way people notice that you seem to know what you’re doing. To be able to build up your confidence you must look in the mirror and tell yourself something positive like you will be able to do it. These self-talks can go a long way as a result of them you have just boosted your actions toward what your preparing for and people will most definitely notice the change in you. Others notice because you do show this extra pep and people want to know what is new. Another way, to add to this extra confidence is prepping yourself before you go out and make sure nothing will get in your way to second-guessing yourself. This is the Power of self-talk works before any situation such as a job interview but when you get negative thoughts and talk it has a huge impact on how you interact.

Be comfortable with yourself

In the end, people usually think it’s all about fashion, glamour, or the riches but it’s not if you are rich inside you will be comfortable with yourself. Which, turns into courage, courage is built upon core values, you have to be comfortable with who you are before you can have this courage. Never get stuck in the bubble where you don’t reach out to anyone. It doesn’t hurt your courage to try and make new friends it will compel you to keep trying and not give up. Then…. you know what comes next? You guessed it the confidence to never downplay yourself or talk down on yourself. That has a huge impact on everything we just worked on so don’t throw it away now! Saving the best for last though, the main rule is be yourself, regardless of what others think, you are your own human being and be proud. If you get stuck behind the social norms you will not have second looks or be looked at as a follower.

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