Rather in a Scientific God


The words Jesus or God have been so much downgraded that people do not even know today what they are talking about except the fact that they expect “something” to happen in their life. See the Muslims raising their hands when they are hit by a disaster: they expect God to cure their problems not understanding quite well why God was so brutal. At this point they are confusing God and their prophet Mohamed. So people find faith in general and this is good, from a psychological point of view. Contrarily you could say anyone who commits suicide has no more faith in him/her self. I agree on this particular point that faith in someone or something carries you forward.

Faith Cannot Be Found in Church

I disagree however on the fact that you have to enter a church to find faith. Whether churches are the right place for the delivery of such messages is fine as long as one does not claim it is the only place for this, for it is not: there are Temples as well as Mosques and many other things..

This said one may ask the question whether God exists? To make it short I do believe in sciences, that is in a scientific God. But I do not believe in a religious God the representative of which would be Jesus or Mohamed etc..

I do not believe you can have any scientific responses through your Church, except this boosting feeling of faith a church can deliver to you for the Church is unable to provide scientific responses. However I do believe that Sciences can and only through them can mankind find explanations about who we are, where do we come from and what is the destiny of humanity. As to why Sciences cannot respond immediately is a matter of research rather a matter of reading old manuscripts.

The Conflict between Different Churches

If you think that such explanations can be provided by the Church you will undoubtedly enter in conflict with other Churches that provide different messages. And this is the cause of the problem: only one God, named a religious God by mankind in general and several prophets delivering conflicting messages.

There are indeed explanations about mankind on this Earth, explanations why planets are round-shaped, why Dinosaurs died etc. etc. but no Church can provide responses – only sciences can or could as these investigations remain unlimited.


In conclusion, when people ask me whether I believe in God, I answer they should not mix things up: God is not Jesus. I do not doubt Jesus was a human being. All I say is that only sciences can provide replies. If you believe in God through Jesus you can only find faith because we are all facing the “unknown” and it is so easy to believe that things will be better tomorrow. Prayers give you strength, Sciences provide answers. This is why I believe in a scientific God.

And when a remote Civilization will have found ours by any means, religions will then collapse.

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