Teaching Children about Atheism


If you have an atheistic home, one where both parents are atheists, teaching your children about atheism isn’t too much different than teaching your children about any other ideas or practices. One big problem is that you are not likely to have the same kind of support that a Christian in our culture would have. If you are going to raise your children as atheists, it would help a lot to be involved in some kind of atheist organization or at least have a circle of friends who are also atheists.

The beliefs of atheism are not going to be supported by the larger culture.

America still thinks of itself as a Christian nation even though the US does not have an official state religion and the constitution does not call for one. One of the problems for parents trying to raise atheist children is that those children will be bombarded with religious images and propaganda, especially at the big Christian holidays of Christmas and Easter. Such holidays are hard on any non-Christian kids in our culture and would certainly be so for atheist children.

One of the things that need to be taught to children in an atheist home is the very real possibility of prejudice and discrimination from their peers. This would be no different than teaching such things to any minor child in order to try to protect her or him from bigoted members of society.

Teaching your children about atheism

Finally, it will be important in teaching your children about atheism that they are made aware of the many different beliefs that abound in your culture. You can’t teach a child about atheism without teaching them about theism They will need to know what the majority of the culture thinks and believes.

As with any kind of philosophy or religious teaching, it would be a mistake to try to cram your beliefs down your children’s throats. When they become adults, they will follow their own path. The best that you can do is make clear what you, as their parents believe, and why you think it is a true and beneficial belief system. Ultimately, as with any religious child, they will either follow the path you have shared with them or find their own.

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