Testimonies Performing a Morning Om


I chose a place to sit and ponder, some would call it meditation, with the sunrise on the tip of fullness, morning promising to arrive.

A green grassy spot, a banquet of wildflowers in view.

As I quieted myself and went within, I noticed that a blade of grass was poking into my ankle, a certain distraction if I allowed it to be. So I thought about this blade of grass….and everything around me fell away…and I saw every blade of grass that had ever existed since the beginning of time stretched out before me…meadows, lawns, fields, prairies, every single blade of grass…infinitely displayed.

The Relaxing Sound of Om

I felt a bee buzzing close to my ear, and when I thought about the bee, it changed into the biggest bee I could ever comprehend, it was as big as the entire universe…and within it was every bee of every type that had ever existed, all of the honey ever created, and each flower that had been suckled, throughout all of time..infinite.

With the thought of flowers present, I saw every flower from every moment of time ever created…so many colors, fragrances, petals…. I stretched and stretched myself to take it all in, all of that beauty…

And suddenly, everything around me became a lavender canvas sky of eternity. On the sky, the canvas was just one blade of grass, gigantic, and hanging randomly..just hanging there. And one bee. and one flower. All just hanging as you please in the lavender sky, eternal.

The syllable “om” began to bubble up within me..gaining momentum and sound..until an entire sea chorus of oms began to play..every om uttered from every lip in all of the time…nearly incomprehensible in the immense chorus of eternity…

As I pondered the immenseness of time, of oms, of the blade of grass, bee, and flower….all of the oms from all of the time formed into just one om, loud and clear…that totally filled my being, me throughout all of the time, every single hair, cell and memory throughout all of my existence….washing over me….until I was saturated with bliss..all of my-selves, in all spaces of time eternal…and I cried..infinite tears of joy.

As I got up from my lovely space to go about my day, I realized that I had in fact actually cried-one single tear had fallen onto my cheek, as morning came in to view.

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