The Truth of the Path Leading to the End of Suffering in Buddhism


The truth of the path of the way seeks to extinguish suffering through both physical and mental practices. This is achieved by following the course of the Eightfold Path; a path that, though broken into eight parts, actually exists as one organic whole and can be used not in just a religious sense, but in a secular sense, as well.

The Eightfold Path in Buddhism

1. Right View refers to the correct way of viewing things. It is based upon the Four Noble Truths: Suffering, Cause of Suffering, Extinction of Suffering, and The Way (in which the truth of the path falls under.)

2. Right Thought refers to thinking before speaking; using compassion, gentleness and pure thoughts to guide actions and speech.

3. Right Speech: When one practices Right Thought, Right Speech should follow, like lying, bad language, and slander do not promote harmony and true love for others.

4. Right Action is also an effect of Right Thought, for the person practicing this will refrain from anything that is harmful to others, such as killing, stealing and adultery, and will, in fact, use his or her actions to further the progress of fellow man.

5. Right Livelihood is the ceaseless observance of Right Action through diet, sleep, healthy work and leisure habits, which lead to a livelihood that will be rich with rewards, as opposed to making a living by engaging in “unmindful” endeavors, such as prostitution, stealing and selling narcotics.

6. Right Effort is the effort put forth to live up to the moralistic ideals of faith, economics, politics, and health; essentially the effort that is put forth to promote what is good and dismiss what is bad.

7. Right Mindfulness: With Right Mindfulness, the goal of the ideal is never forgotten; the person is always mindful to prevent accidents from happening due to absent-mindedness or carelessness.

8. Right Concentration refers to the Four Meditational States; though most normal people cannot achieve these, people are suggested to practice Right Concentration in order to develop a mind that will be clear and unclouded, and will, therefore, make wise choices in all of life’s aspects.

These eight parts that make up the Eightfold Path, The Truth of the Way, are often coupled with the Threefold Practice:

Wisdom-Right View, Right Thought

Morality-Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood

Concentration-Right Mindfulness, Right Concentration

And a combination of all three categories for Right Effort.

Nirvana is a state of non-suffering; the Path of the Way was created as a suggestion of mindful practices that will eliminate both personal suffering and the suffering of others.

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