Theories on the afterlife


When somebody dies, it may truly not be the end of perceived existence. It might be just the beginning. Consciousness may exist outside of the flesh and blood-brain, as the individual’s soul. Once the physical body passes, the soul, possibly existing in a hyper-spatial reality, moves onto other dimensions and realities.

Since linear time seems to be more concentrated on living flesh and blood beings, in a linear-orientated reality, it could make sense that a spirit could move back and forth in time. Perhaps reincarnating to past human lives or moving to extreme future periods to reincarnate. Dr. Robert Lanza, in his controversial seminal work: “Biocentrism…” proposed that the spirit may not even move into heaven or hell, but move into other versions of its former body, co-existing in multi-verses; where different outcomes to past events may have happened.

Possibility of life after death

Humanity has always been intrigued by the possibility of life after death, as human life is so infinitely short, and there is comfort in knowing that physical death does not end existence. That consciousness moves onto other realities, dimensions, and multiverses. The afterlife may be much like Dr. Robert Lanza’s daunting vision of a move by consciousness, ie “the soul” into other versions of you, co-existing in infinitely multiple realities.

Death may, therefore, have little to do with traditional versions of religiously-scripted versions of heaven or hell. But be a more natural transition into other multiverses, times and realities, co-existing with the one that is all too well-known. If that were the case, things like deja vu and premonition may be more memories from the previous living of the same life.

Consciousness may exist ‘joined to the hip’—in many universes—shared and experienced by countless versions of the same person. Or moving into multiple-universes, re-living life, but with different variations, outcomes and existences. Much like the old sci-fi TV series: Quantum Leap, where the consciousness of the main character, Dr. Sam Beckett, moved back into time, altering the outcome of past events that had gone wrong.

The Moment of Death

There is obviously something that happens at the moment of death—beyond the cessation of life. There is a growing body of evidence to support that something happens after death. Whatever it is, it is a very profound experience that can transcend time and space itself. If Dr. Lanza is correct, there may be infinite chances to do it all over again, in countless different variations of life…and physical existence. Living in realities that may seemingly be a few inches away, just vibrating at higher frequencies.

Near-Death Experiences

People who have had NDE’s (Near Death Experiences), and who were passing, reported traveling through a ‘tunnel’. Or seeing a tunnel. Could they be accessing a ‘wormhole’ into these other realities and multiverses?

All of this does not necessarily take away from the existence of a “heaven” or a “hell”. But may add to the belief that there may be some hard science behind the ultimate question: Do we survive physical death? A question that has plagued mortal humankind for countless ages. Although Dr. Lanza has had his critics, he is also a hard scientist. And not somebody playing with Ouija boards or channeling spiritual masters.

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