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An atheist, a non-believer in a higher authority, or God, probably does not believe in much of anything. If they believe in UFOs, however, then they better believe in a higher authority. Many see UFOs or otherwise known as unidentified flying objects as space-faring vehicles with extraterrestrials from another world. If God created the Heavens and the earth, then does this not mean that He could have created another race of beings as well?

This has been a question among the religious as well as the non-religious for centuries. So, why is there such a question about how atheists believe in UFO’s? UFOs do exist. It is just going to depend on how you and I view the definition of the synonym.

The belief in UFOs goes way back to the early days of the earth.

Some believe that UFOs aided in the construction of the Great Pyramids in Egypt. Some say that ufo’s still existed on earth today in mountain caverns, under the water (submerged ufo’s or uso’s) and others actually believe that the alien’s walk among us. Can atheists believe the same thing? Why not?

I believe in UFOs and I am a Christian. However, my take on them is probably a bit different than most. It is possible that UFOs are under the control of satanic beings and they are setting themselves up to somehow take over the earth. They actually might be fallen angels sent by satan himself to watch and see what happens here on planet terraform.

The debate rages on whether or not it is a “healthy” thing to believe in UFOs and extraterrestrials, especially from a religious standpoint. If another world(s) does exist and it can be inhabited by greater beings than us humans, then the question is: Does God exist? Were we not planted here by these extraterrestrials because we were considered a criminal element from their world and we are actually in some prison and doomed to live in some eternal hell created by this greater race of beings?

This is just another part of the debate when it comes to the theory of ufology.

It is probably, in the long run, not a healthy thing to believe that UFOs exist. However, we have to be open-minded and know that the definition of a ufo is more than just that of an extra stellar craft with green beings flying them. They certainly can be a weather anomaly and have nothing to do with fallen angelic beings. They can be nothing more than a star burning out or that of a planet that people did not know would be up in the sky at that particular moment.

Whatever the ufo is, do not be scared and do not be scared to tell someone what you saw. Sometimes you might get laughed at or thought of as crazy, but then again, this is a crazy world in which we live. As boring and as uncertain this world in which we live in is today, maybe getting to the bottom of the ufo phenomenon may not be such a bad thing. It might strengthen the way we look at our faith or it might just destroy faith altogether. This is something that I hope does not happen.

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