What can one do to stop God’s wrath


When one feels God is angry then that feeling can be a mercy from God. With this innate sense of guilt that everyone has inside, one can guide himself to the right course of action.

Don’t Make God Angry

That being said, it is not always within ones’ power to not make God angry. Some things happen to a person who is not in his control like when he is attacked or otherwise hurt by another human being unjust.

That makes God angry to see cruelty from his children, naturally. Yet, one can control his internal struggle where he has the power to choose a good action over a not good action.

Examples to Looks At

Take for example a time when you wanted to test God’s rules as a teenager by engaging in some extra-curricular activity of which there is no basis in morality. It was simply an act one wanted to do because his hormones were going crazy. And he did it without thinking of the spiritual consequences. But inevitably, later on, he would find that he felt some kind of guilt for this act. That guilt would push him to find an outlet for his angst and energy. He would go from a sedentary life, because he felt the anger of God upon him for testing God’s limits, to an active healthy life, such as one including social activities and sports.

Another example is when one is engaging in conversation with friends and the topic drones on to nothing. Then the group has nothing to talk about except other people they know. Often they know its wrong to backbite other people yet they do it anyway because that feeling that God is already mad at them makes them give up trying to please him. Yet we can stop this by keeping our social gatherings productive and a reasonable length. Do not overstay ones welcome at another friend’s home. The top thing is to plan how one makes friends and what one does with those friends. This is the way to avoid feeling God’s wrath and to have healthy social contact with others.

How to Know if God is Angry at You?

These are two ways in which persons can feel that God is angry at them. There are also ways in which God is angry at the world in general, for nuclear bombs, unjust war, violence, crime, etc. This article focuses on the internal struggles that one has inside himself though. It is much easier to change oneself than try to change the world. There is a saying that to change the world one can start with changing himself. That’s not a word for word quote though.

It is positively logical to imagine all the instances were one can choose the right path, which pleases God, over the wrong path, which angers Him. It is written “Him” because of simplicity but in reality how can one assign gender to the Almighty.  Choose the clear right way to act; the loving way, the way of peace and let the land be filled with happy people who make their creator at peace and harmony with His world.

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