Overcoming winter blues


A good portion of the population experience winter blues, a condition more common in the northern hemisphere. This is often due to the cold and a lack of sunlight, which affects the way our brains work. Getting out of a funk because of the weather or season means developing coping skills that are available to us.

Schedule a Trip to a Tropical Island

If you can afford to, travel south or anywhere closer to the equator to get more sun. There is a good reason why many schools schedule winter break in January. They want their students to escape the worst of winter and spend their rest days somewhere more comfortable. But not everybody can afford tropical vacations. For the many who need to stay and bear the cold, there are other ways to lift your mood.

Try Some Artificial Sun

There are some lights developed with ultraviolet rays that we need to create vitamin D. The sun produces a very bright white light and these artificial lights seek to replicate the sun’s rays as closely as possible. Artificial sun exposure is taken in small doses to prevent sunburn, but just a short session can lift the moods.

Drink Alcohol

This remedy is not recommended for those with addictive personalities who tend to become alcoholics. If you are in danger of being addicted to alcohol, then skip this suggestion altogether. Moderate drinkers and social drinkers can take a glass or two a day to lift their moods. The point is to get a lift in mood rather than to drink until tipsy. Avoid drinking in the middle of the day to avoid getting sleepy when you need to work. Alcohol does not help one feel warmer, contrary to some beliefs. Rather, it will thin the blood and the body loses ability to retain more heat.

Indulge in Gym Membership

Regular moderate exercise encourages the body to keep its systems active. The human body has the tendency to go into a kind of semi-hibernation during the coldest months of the year. The days are shorter and the nights are longer so people will naturally sleep longer hours. Getting some exercise gets the circulation moving and help you maintain longer hours awake to work and keep the house. Just be careful about being active when the temperature is too cold because muscles may cramp and injuries are more likely to happen. Joints and tendons are less flexible in cold weather. Be sure to wear appropriate warm clothing when exercising.

Back in the day, our grandparents took up quiet hobbies like weaving, quilting, and needlework to occupy their hands during the long winter months. These hobbies kept them from getting depressed and make sure they were productive even when they could not do other things outdoors. They would sew and plan their springtime gardens and crops. Today we have all kinds of outlets available to help lift the mood during a cold January. Take advantage of the resources you have at hand, there is really no reason to be down during the cold months if you have the tools to manage your moods.

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