Who created God?


Theists argue that creation must have a Creator, but do not continue that argument to God, Himself. God is given exemption from this supposed natural rule. It would seem there is a logical infraction being made by this argument. However, let’s unpack this idea further.

Could it be that God, being eternal, is indeed exempt from needing a Creator?

The paradigm shifts because there is a material change in the nature of existence between the created and the uncreated. Many scientists are quite certain that the universe had a beginning, hence the Big Bang explanation. The universe exploded into existence at a point in time. Therefore, the universe, unlike the Aristotelian proposition maintained for centuries, is not eternal. It had a beginning. That which has a beginning needs a Beginner. A beginning needs a first cause, hence, God enters the equation and we have the cosmological argument for God’s existence.

If God had a beginning, He would need a beginner as well, ad infinitum.

Somewhere something has to eternally be self-existent in order to be the first cause, which would then be God. Therefore, God is exempt from the criteria of needing to be created for theists are not alleging a created God, but an eternal God.

Something eternal, by nature, does not have a beginning. The universe is not eternal and, thus, needs a Creator. The Creator is eternal and does not need to have been created.

Genesis has been proclaiming this idea for thousands of years.

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” It has just taken science a few thousand years to catch up to this proposition. The universe has a beginning, and God was already there, in the beginning, giving it its thrust into being with fine-tune design.

Scientists have not come up with a plausible explanation to date of the origin of life. Professor Richard Dawkins attests to this fact that science does not yet know how life originated and that their research only addresses how one species evolved into another, but not how it all was able to happen in the first place. A multi-universe explanation is given at times, but it is just one more theory that tries to avoid the necessity of a Creator. Maybe a few thousand years hence science will once again catch up to Scripture and find the answers were right there before them all along they were just expending time creating complex theories to avoid the logical outworkings of apparent design meaning a Designer. Maybe it’s too simple an answer for our day.

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