Why Atheism and Morality are not Incompatible


It’s said that religion is the opiate of the masses. People tend to lump morality in with spirituality. Religious people will say that you can’t be moral if your not spiritual, nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t consider myself to be a religious person, but i do consider myself to be a moral person; trust me, my mom would kill me if she heard me say this stuff, for she is a steadfast Christian. I don’t think she’s an idiot for believing in a higher power, nor do i look down upon other spiritual individuals for their beliefs. I find it rather ironic the most death that has occurred by human hands, was done in the name of God. This flies in the face of what the Bible would have us believe God is about.

What makes you moral or immoral?

Before i get into an argument with someone about what the Bible does or doesn’t say, let me continue with my point. Morality is for lack of a better word, common human sense. What this means is that if you have that little voice in the back of your head that tells you when something is wrong or right, guess what? You can be a moral person. What makes you moral or immoral depends on which voice you listen to. If that little voice tells you that killing an innocent person is right… your most likely a rather immoral person. Taking that into consideration, way back in the crusades… when Christians were forcing Christianity on the world and killing other civilizations because they didn’t accept God, wouldn’t that make them pretty immoral? Or was it that they were killing in the name of God that made them moral? If you answered yes to the second question your perceptions of right and wrong are slightly off kilter.

I find it just as ironic that this country boasts a freedom of religion, but people that don’t follow the status quo are looked upon as devil worshipers, or much worse. I never could understand why it’s so wrong to require the proof of God’s existence before accepting it. I never could get why if you don’t believe in God you just can’t be a moral person. Its a fairly simple thing to understand, how do i know the computer I’m typing on exists? Well i can see it and touch it, case closed. How do i explain love? Well scientifically, its a simple thing of species survival; when you break it down its lowest common denominator. I love and care for my 7 year old daughter because instinctively, I’m ensuring the survival of the species, my bloodline in so many words. Not quite the romantic idea of love that religious fanatics want to embrace.

While i understand peoples need to believe there is something more to life than survival and the instinctive need to continue the species, i can’t subscribe to it. Having no religious affiliation does not make you immoral. Anyone with half a mind can be moral. I won’t tell you what to believe or not to believe, don’t presume to tell me.

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