Cancer Compatibility with Other Zodiac Signs


The strengthening good tags of Cancer zodiac is extreme loyal and sensitive nature, scales a feel good emotion in relationship. They love their family, friends and mates a lot even to extreme. They are quite romantics and caring and ensure a long term relationship. Their lifelong devotion in bonding with emotion attitude allows them to build a secured world of loved ones around.

Cancer love compatibility swings on over-sensitive temperament which reflects a mental sentimental satisfaction. These born crab leaders are very caring and honest in holding hands together-forever. They are trustful and truthful companions guard and support their partners at every stage of life.

Cancers are mostly mood by nature but are mature enough to carry long term love. They are adaptive so modify themselves according to the need of time and situation. Their compatibility is creative bubble of emotions, can burst in any form like; over-care, over-sensitiveness, possessiveness or may be even in risky temper.

The wavelength of Cancer relationships is knitted with strong security and vacuumed with love and care. Their love match bonding scores mostly high but sometimes they are even jealous. They don’t avoid talks and moods of their mates and are almost available for them.

Cancers love their family and friends so very much that they figure out their problems in best possible ways in quick response. They are mutual in understanding their friends and well wishers and are very supportive in fellowship.

Cancer Compatibility with Other Zodiac Sign

Cancer with Aries: These two zodiac signs write a challenging partnership. They both mates of these two zodiacs together vary with each other and represent quite hard relationship.

Cancer with Taurus: They both together make a perfect couple and mating. They both are very understanding towards each other and inherit with great relationship stability. They are not only mutual but acquire same positive and negative elements.

Cancer with Gemini: The astrological theory says, Gemini and Cancer together are challenging positioned partners and build a negligible and insignificant partnership. Their doubtful stability lacks their fellowship in challenging stage.

Cancer with Cancer: Same zodiac bonding in-between is very magical and lovable. They are made for each other, can be called as soul-mates. They are beautifully interested with each other and their relationship last long for whole life.

Cancer with Leo: They build unspecific compatibility. Their initial love chemistry is based on balancing moods. They adapt each other easily and improve in best possible ways to live happily.

Cancer with Virgo: The compatible wellspring is bloomed best. They both are moody and tend to support each other. They are almost perfect partners.

Cancer with Libra: They both zodiac partners need more efforts to maintain good understanding which is quite challenging. They need to cope with each other to make their relationship as like heaven made bond.

Cancer with Scorpio: The view point of these two halves is great companionship together. Their commitment and mutual understanding leads higher in relationship graph.

Cancer with Sagittarius: The spectrum of these two sun signs is off-limits and really need to work on that. Their hold hand bond is quite contracted and scores less which is not fair enough in long term bonds.

Cancer with Capricorn: They are statically constant but still withdrawn analytically. Partners with these two sun signs need to work hard in relationship to carry it for long term.

Cancer with Aquarius: The ramp of bonding between them is worst compatible in all. This pair can built strong relationship but need to be more devoted towards mates

Cancer with Pisces: Their commitment is designed with great perfection carved to call as true-heart mates. They go easily and speedy on match moves with biggest passion of long term relationships.

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