Does Religion Divide or Segregate People


Religions do make people segregate themselves from other religions. However, if you look at Christianity instead of the religion you will find similarities. I have never claimed to be religious, but I am a Christian. I don’t feel that you find God in a building made of stone, mortar, and wood. I was raised Roman Catholic. But have since become a minister in a non-denominational ministry.

America is using the excuse that religion and state are to be kept separate and that is why we should remove God from our schools, money, pledge, and public buildings. Yet our forefathers like Thomas Jefferson and the other writers of the Constitution of the United States at one time or another in speeches during their career said a nation without God would fall. They didn’t mean for us to take God out of country and state. They meant religion.

Religion and God are not synonymous

When I walk out of a church I don’t leave God there. He walks out with me. The bible tells us we are the body of the church and Christ is the head. So I think that tells us that the building, the church, is not where God resides. He resides inside each and every Christian. We, according to the Bible are the temple of God. I have studied most religions even the Koran, Buddha, Allah, the denominational churches as well as many of the non-denominational churches. I find most of them are ok. But none of them are perfect. The last perfect thing on this earth was Jesus Christ and because of His perfection look what they did to Him. I am by no means an expert, but I have studied for over 22 years and I think that gives me some insight into this subject. The religions are what caused many wars in history. Religions controlling the government caused many problems and that is why keeping religion out of government is required. If someone calls me religious I correct them. I explain to them that I am not religious I am a Christian. Yes, I am a Jesus Freak, A bible thumper, A God fanatic. But none of those titles makes me religious. All of those titles make me a Christian.

Judging one religion over another but God

I don’t feel anyone has the right to judge one religion over another but God. I think the petty arguments between religions make them look ridiculous. If we are all praying to the same God.

Who cares what religion we are. All that matters is that we are Christian, we believe in God. Some people exercise the way they worship, pray, and act differently than others. However, no one is the judge of that. From what I have read in the bible God is the one and only Judge.

Christian issues to Gain the Christian Vote

I get upset with the politicians that use Christian issues in their campaigns to gain the Christian vote. It doesn’t matter if they believe in abortion or not. If someone wants an abortion and has it, they are the ones who will answer to God for it not me. If someone wants gay rights, wants to live in a same-sex marriage again, I am not the one who is going to have to answer for that, nor am I the one to judge them for it. Using embryonic stem cell research again is only an issue if for me if I allow one of my embryos to be used, and then I have to answer to God for it. I think politicians only use these issues to confuse Christians and get their votes. When it comes down to it, whether there are laws for it or against these three issues here in America, people are still going to do what they want outside the law. So why have it as an issue. Quit putting up the smoke screens of Christian values and get into the problems of the country. I don’t care if Clinton was unfaithful to his wife. The only one that should matter to is his wife and God. I do care that we used tax dollars to pay Ken Star a lot of money and the only thing he gave us was that Clinton was unfaithful to his wife. Doesn’t that bother anyone? He wasn’t supposed to look into Clintons moral values,he was supposed to be looking into White Water. He found nothing there. I would just once like to vote for someone for an office because that is the person I want in. Instead of voting for the one I hate the least. Put a none of the above slot on the ballots and see how many votes that slot would get. If that spot wins then they have to give us two new candidates. I realize that isn’t possible but it would make them start giving us better options to vote for. I guess on a whole I am tired of the government using religion/Christianity as a tool. Neither should be discussed as a political agenda. You know a Christian by the way they act. You don’t need them to prance around announcing they are very religious.

Religion and Government should be Separated

Realize when this country was formed our forefathers knew that a country without God in it would fall. Did it help the country to take prayer out of schools? I don’t remember students killing each other when prayer was in school. Do you feel this country is as strong today as it said 20 years ago. I don’t and I think the reason why is because of the separation of Country and God. Not Country and religion. Religion and God are not synonymous.

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