Explaining the meaning of Tao


The term Tao means the way or path. It comes from a single word Taoism, the school of philosophy and religion from ancient China founded by Lao Zi. It answers the question about the interaction between the universe and human beings. It seeks harmony and peace. It is beyond human logic. Thus, in order to understand and value Tao, one must practice the elements of Tao, which can obtain through logic and insight.

Violence is not the way.

Using violence and conflict does not reduce or solve problems. Instead, it just creates more and more problems that will never end. Anger, hate, anxiety, distress, and other psychological illnesses increase as ferocity and tension increase. In addition, uprising, war, genocide, and clashes may occur if disputes are not solved peacefully.

Behave naturally.

Non-action is not the same as inaction, which creates fear and doubt and ends up not doing anything. It does not behave or act in an unnatural or forceful way. It does not have a fussing or intolerant attitude but the opposite. It knows that nothing will happen no matter what if the time, place, or force is not right. For instance, a person may have a difficult time taking advanced Chinese classes if he or she has not taken basic Chinese classes.

Similarly, Chlamydomonas, one of the green algae species, cannot reproduce sexually unless the quality and intensity of light and the level of nitrogen are right.

Do not know everything.

There is always room for learning and developing new skills. The universe is full of mystery and wonder. History around the world indicates things beyond belief. Technologies, inventions, diseases, medicines, and education progress as civilizations move forward. Likewise, people learn and develop new skills to adapt to the environment they live in or to fix problems.

Apply it to life.

It is good to know what Tao is through reading. It develops reasoning and critical thinking skills. However, it is not enough to fully understand the meaning of Tao or how it works. One has to apply what Tao teaches. Similarly, a person does not know how yoga benefits the mind and body if he or she does not do it.

Recognize duality.

Two opposing forces are always in existence of each other. They are interconnected with each other. They cannot do one without another even though they work independently. Each dynamism produces different quality, outcome, or concept. For instance, life has a different idea and interpretation than death by comparison. Intensity does not produce the same result as moderation.

Reduce complication.

Too much of everything is not good. Problems, complications, and other negative matters take place. Things turn out negatively. It loses focus on priority. Also, it adds stress and frustration. In the long run, nothing will be solved or done if balance or moderation is not present.

In short, practice these attributes daily. It increases satisfaction, compassion, wisdom, harmony, and quietness. At the same time, it decreases the cause of ignorance. The mind and body are at rest. The distinction between reality and illusion becomes clear. In addition, it gives a positive outlook on life.

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