Finding comfort in God during troubled times


God provides comfort to us at all times, but particularly so he does this in the midst of our problems.

Why does God provide comfort to us even in the midst of our problems?

Why can’t he just allow us to avoid these problems? What use are they to us anyway?

All problems provide you with a lever into yourself.

When you avoid problems, you basically skirt who you are, living on your surface of yourself, or only from your mind. All problems get you to reach deeper into yourself than this, and so you are able to then touch your own heart. This allows you to feel God’s love for you, which lives in your heart, and so you will immediately also feel comforted by God, whenever you do this.

Problems are only problems when this responsiveness of God’s love has been forgotten about, and so then you will often allow the situation to be colored by fear instead. When you feel this fear, you will often then redefine the experience that you think has brought you this fear, as being a problem for you.

A problem is only a problem because you fear its consequences.

You hate the problem because you feel that the consequences of it coming to you will bring you heartache, but this is usually always only ever because of your lack of full acceptance of the problem. This nonacceptance mindset of seeing experience with love as being a problem arises in you whenever you are not seeing it all from enough love.

When you see the bigger picture that all is love, and to love there are no problems, you will feel the comfort that this level of receiving and acceptance of God’s love will always bring to you.

All of our problems are only ever healed from love.

If we love God enough with enough faith, all is healed. This is because we then believe that all is as it should be. When you accept this belief fully, you will never fear any condition or any problem that is affecting you or affecting your life.

Faith in God brings his comfort to you, in the form of a deep inner knowing which manifests itself in your life as a deep peace. Nothing, not even a problem can move you away from this peace, or be a real problem for you, because you are fully trusting God’s judgment in giving it to you, at this time. Problems are there to help you. They help you to grow in the understanding of how God’s love works through his truth, and how his truth always lives in his love.

When you live within God’s love, or when you maintain an atmosphere of his love around yourself, your problems will all then be seen from the eyes of love. Let all else go, and just do what his love leads you to do. There is no problem that enough love will not handle for you. Only God’s love can comfort you.

All healing can only come from God’s love, as it is inspired into life by that same love.

This means that you must love the receptacle of this love, or in other words, you must learn to love yourself.

If you do not love yourself, it is hard for you to be comforted by anyone else. This is why we are told to love ourselves, to love our neighbors, and to love God, with our whole person, and as it was just said above, it is only God’s love that can comfort you.

How can we recognize God’s presence, and feel his comfort, when we are in the midst of a problem, that is overwhelming us so heavily, and painfully?

Problems bring God’s presence to you when you bring his presence to the problem.

This change of your mindset reconnects you to God.

This happens if you can get yourself to move away from your mind’s view of the problem. The next step is that you must allow the problem to merely sit there unobtrusively in your heart for a while, without your thinking about it anymore at all, and then it will be washed over by God’s love. When God’s love washes over your problems, it recolors them from black to gold, and so you can then see them in a new light, and the weight of the problem is then lifted, even as you will definitely also then feel the comforting presence of God strengthening you in your own ability to handle it.

Life wouldn’t be life without problems. We were created to solve them and to grow from them, but at the same time, God is always with us, at all times. Look for God in a problem, and you will see the good in that problem for you. This good is of course only God. Be comforted by this presence of God, which is always in every problem, that you will ever face.

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