Knowledge and Wisdom and Understanding is this what God wants for us


There is reason for everything we do but we tend to place little value on the reasoning we choose

I have heard many people of little wit call people of great intelligence, educated fools

They do this because of their weak mental capacity.

They fail to understand a person whose mind can hold more information than theirs

Knowledge is not only the key to success it is also the key to the wisdom it takes to have eternal life

We must know how to understand words and the sentences they make up

We can’t live on so-called street smarts.

We have to be able to understand the ways that guide us to the KINGDOM of GOD

In order to do this, we have to be able to understand the words created by scholars, people who are filled with knowledge, wisdom and understanding from their ability to learn

Because our CREATOR knows that we are incapable of gathering facts for ourselves, HE has inspired people to write down the facts so we can obtain by seeing and hearing

Because the facts are withheld by the amount of evil we receive some of us won’t be able to understand the good in things that are written to help us from that which is only meant to keep us from the peace and happiness intended through the inspirational words from our CREATOR

What is it that we’re trying to find when we’re told to seek and ye shall find? What must we search for to make ourselves worthy? What happens when you never find understanding from the words of scholars and you can’t distinguish the voices in your mind to be good or evil?

The misery that fills the minds of mankind

The debt that we must pay for those who have given us knowledge that can’t help us to find the wisdom we need to find the voice which leads us to the PROMISED LAND

It is written that every knee will acknowledge the voice of the GOOD SHEPHERD, whether good or evil

And only few will enter the gates where only GOOD resides

Those who can’t see can hear Those who can’t hear can see No one is born blind and deaf!

But some of us choose not to see or hear the TRUTH from those who are the righteous

Those who have been inspired, by GOD, the CREATOR OF ALL THINGS, to lead those who are misled into the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN

Learn how to understand words, read and spoken This gives you knowledge The knowledge that you are given, build it up so that understanding will allow you to use that knowledge righteously and this will be WISDOM given to you from GOD

Give this wisdom righteously to all in need and if it is received righteously, NO EVIL WILL PREVAIL



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